Element - navigation bar

Navigation bar elements are found under in the "Navigation Bar" section in the elements panel:

Navigation bar elements have a slightly different behavior compared to other elements; it contains a menu bar which automatically adapts itself to your site's page structure. Using the "Pages" panel, you're able to manage your site's structure and this structure is automatically applied to any navigation bar in your site. This allows you to add and remove pages without the need to manually update the navigation bars on your pages.

Adding custom links to the navigation bar

As mentioned before, the links in the navigation bar are added automatically. However, you're also able to add custom links to any navigation bar on the canvas. To do this, you'll first need to open the configuration menu for the navigation bar menu. Please note that this is the element containing the actual navigation links, not the entire navigation bar (which can also contain things like a logo, social icons and additional buttons). To open the configuration menu for the navigation bar menu, hover your cursor over any of the links and wait for the red outline to appear. When the red outline is visible, click to open the sidebar:

At this point, you can use the drop down labeled "External links" to set the number of custom links you would like to add to your navigation bar menu,

Custom links will be added, in the same order as they've been provided in the element configuration menu, to the back of the navigation bar menu,

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