Managing pages

Managing your sites' pages can easily be done though the pages panel, activated by clicking the icon labeled "Pages" in the left sidebar:

When managing your pages, you will not have to worry about updating your sites' navigation bars; all changes made to the page structure of your site are automatically applied to all your navigation bars (across all pages within the site you're currently working on). Pages listed under "Primary Navigation" will be automatically added to the sites' navigation bars. To prevent pages from appearing in the navigation bars, simply drag the page you'd like to hide down into the "Hidden Pages" section (or expand the page dropdown menu and click "Hide from navigation").

Child pages

GroovePages has support for child pages; designating a page as a child page will also automatically reflect in the sites' navigation bars. To turn a page into a child page, drag the page up and over the prospective parent page and then slightly to the right.

Page settings

To edit page specific settings, click on the three dotted icon for the page and choose "Edit settings" from the dropdown menu. This will bring up the page settings panel with the following options:

  • Page name
    Page name, used within the page builder only
  • Page title
    Value used for the <title> tag inside this page's <head> section
  • Meta keywords
    Sets the contents for the meta keywords tag (<meta name="keywords">)
  • Meta description
    Sets the contents for the meta description tag (<meta name="description">)
  • Page code includes
    Use this section to add things like tracking codes to your page. We offer three options:
    1. Include in <head>
      Code gets included inside the <head> section of this page
    2. Include in <body> top
      Code gets included just after the opening <body> tag
    3. Include in <body> bottom
      Code gets included just before the closing </body> tag
  • Open Graph (Social Share) settings
    Use this section to configure your OG settings (used when sharing this page through social media).
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