The page builder main toolbar

The GroovePages' main toolbar allows you easy access to certain critical features and functionality. From left to right:

  • Page selector
    The dropdown labeled "My new site" (this would be replaced by your site's actual name) allows you to easily jump to other pages within your site without the need to open up the pages panel.
  • Expert mode
    When turned on, you'll have access to a number of more advanced features and functionality within the page builder.
  • Responsive viewport switch
    Allows you to change the width of the canvas to reflect certain devices (desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones).
  • Undo / redo
    Allows you to undo and / or redo recent changes to items on the canvas.
  • Live preview
    Opens up a new browser tab with a real-life preview of what the current page looks like (please note that the live preview functionality only works for the page you currently have on the canvas; links to other pages will be disabled in the live preview).
  • Source code editor
    This will bring up the source code editor with the HTML source code for the entire page. Please note that making changes to the source can potentially break your site and stop the page builder from functioning properly: be very careful when making changes!
  • Publish
    Clicking "Publish" will publish the site you are working on. Clicking the arrow at the right side of the button will reveal a dropdown menu with publishing options.
  • Dropdown menu
    Clicking the hamburger icon will reveal a dropdown with additional options.
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