Introduction to Elements

For more detailed control over your page's functionality and design, we offer a selection of "elements" to be used in your pages. Elements are distinct widgets of combined html, css and Javascript. Each available element adds certain functionality to your pages. Elements can be as simple as a text header (h1, h2, etc) or more complex like an image carousel, device mockup or third party integration.

The elements panel is accessed through the main left sidebar, by clicking the icon labeled "Elements". To place an element on the canvas, simply drag (hover the cursor over the element in the sidebar and click and hold the left mouse button) the element onto the canvas. When dragging the element over a location where it can be dropped on the canvas, you will see grey copy of the element appear.

Certain elements come with their own configuration panels, allowing you to configure element-specific behavior and settings. Please note that the element configuration panel is not to be confused with the style editor (will is also available for most elements); the style editor focusses strictly on the style and design, whereas the element configuration menu focusses on functionality and behavior. It worth to note here that there might be exceptions to this principle, where we have decided to offer certain design/style options inside the element's configuration menu. 

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