How to add a custom domain

Adding a custom domain with Groove is VERY EASY. By following some simple steps on your dashboard, as well as in your domain registrar (for example, GoDaddy) you can add and configure any domain, you can follow the instructions on this video or follow the step-by-step configuration below. 

1. Log in to your Groove account. 

2. Once are logged and at your dashboard, from anywhere on your account, click on the hamburger icon menu (the 3 vertical lines) at the top right of your screen and click "My Account".

3. Once, inside the "My Account " page you will find all the details from your Groove account; Next you will click the "Domains" tab.

4. Inside of the "Domains" tab you will see two options - GroovePages Subdomain OR Custom Domains, select the option "Custom Domain" (a) and next, click on "Manage (b).

5. Here you will enter the area where we connect the domains, proceed to click "Add A Domain"

6. From here, you are entering the area where all your domains are added, click on "Full Domain Setup" (a) and then click "Next" (b)

7. Next, you will type your domain name on the open text field, next to "https://". For this example we will be using the domain "" and click "Next

8.At this point you will see a message on a green box announcing the addition of your domain to our system; Next, the DNS records will need to be updated on your  domain registrar (for example Godaddy, NameCheap) to have the domain connected to groove. Please save the 2 name servers shown on the fields (you can click the copy icon on the right of each field) and paste them on your domain registrar page. 

*IMPORTANT NOTE you may see 2 different sets of DNS records: and OR and

Whichever set of DNS records provided should be copied on your registrar exactly as they appear.

10. Next, on the new tab or browser page, open your registrar information and locate your domain name. for General purposes Namesilo is used for this example.
this information is located under the NameServer Manager on the domain used.

11. Here you add the DNS provided by Groove and submit the changes.

12. After you saved or submit the changes on the registrar, you will see a message informing you the domain is being updated. (the message may vary as each registrar will work differently). Have in mind the time of the update may vary from a couple of minutes up to 72 hrs, depending on the registrar.

13. Now, come back to the last screen on the groove settings, where you see your nameserver information, and click next.

14. You will be asked to Validate your domain, therefore click on "Validate DNS Records" to do so.

15. You will see a message of the validation process finished, with a message on a green box at the bottom of the page. and click the "Complete Process" button. 

16. and you are done! your domain is now connected with the Groove platform! 

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