Groove LemonAid #24 - A Q&A session with David Lemon

0:00 – INTRO
3:28 – New Updates to GroovePages 
7:13 – New Updates to GrooveBlog
9:46 – How to fix issues with the currency set-up in GrooveSell?
11:30 – How can I delete the customer list from GrooveSell?
12:25 – What is the purpose of Proof? 
13:12 – How to set-up the help desk with GrooveKart?
15:06 – In GrooveMember, how do I select a video uploaded in GrooveVideo?
17:47 – What is the fastest way to set-up the links for the services I am selling in GrooveSell?
25:39 – Is it possible to change the 404 Page that shows up when I enter a page that isn’t mapped out on my domain?
26:15 – What is the best way to use a hidden product in GrooveKart for upsells?
33:45 – Do I have to create a different automation for each price point for the affiliate or do I set it up where I include all the price points in 1 automation?
35:50 – How to fix issues with the automation for the integration in GrooveMail?
36:52 – Will the GrooveKart upsell form eventually have the option to add quantity selector?
40:20 – Is there a written manual for all things Groove? 
45:03 – Is it better to use a subdomain for GrooveMember or GrooveBlog, etc?
47:23 – Does David Lemon still do website audits?
48:22 – In GrooveKart, is it possible to see all of the system-generated emails that have been sent to a customer?
50:33 – Is there a way to edit the welcome email? 
54:11 – Will GrooveWebinar be the basic equivalent of Zoom?
56:15 – How to fix issues with designing in the cloned pages? 
57:35 – Can I set-up a 2-tier affiliate program for affiliates and have an influencer promote it to their list? Can I pay them an additional JV Split?
1:02:33 – Is the 2 tier affiliate option in GrooveSell the same as the Groove 2 tier affiliate offer?
1:03:45 – Is it possible that clicking a button can make a block disappear for a cookie notification?
1:11:23 – Is GrooveMail going to integrate with ChatMatic and GroovePages?
1:13:34 – Is it true when GrooveMail becomes live only those who are generating sales will have access to it? 
1:14:09 – Is there a way to migrate a site from WordPress to Groove without having to rebuild the pages from scratch?
1:15:06 – Will my memberships still be up after the updates to GrooveMember? 
1:17:33 – How can I track conversion on a funnel if there is no affiliate link?
1:19:42 – Does GrooveMail eliminate the need for services such as MailChimp?
1:20:33 – Do you have templates for GrooveMember?
1:22:15 – Can I add titles or text to carousel images?
1:22:45 – Is there a way to test and see how clients are seeing the membership I created? 
1:25:13 – Is GrooveBlog like a wiki?
1:25:53 – How do I use an integrate form from a 3rd party company as an HTML opt-in form where I can assign fields like in ClickFunnels? 
1:26:45 – What is GrooveVideo? 
1:27:55 – What is GrooveKon?
1:28:44 – What is the JV broker option?
1:29:35 – Will I still need Zoom when all the different benefits of GrooveWebinar come out? 
1:30:37 –Will the SEO decrease if I use a custom domain?
1:31:52 – Can I bring in new fonts in Groove ?
1:32:38 – Why does my formatting not stay when I switch from mobile to desktop view in GroovePages? 
1:33:55 – Is there SEO Tutorials for GroovePages?
1:36:25 – Are you going to add more content to GrooveDigital Academy? 
1:39:00 – Are there any plans to add various internal webhooks and automations in Groove that would reduce the need to use and pay for a 3rd party platform?
1:39:43 – Is Groove focusing on mobile friendly pages? 
1:40:42 – Is the price going up any time soon?
1:43:00 – How to get the affiliate in the special override commission in GrooveSell?
1:43:50 – What is GrooveSell tracking in the custom domain portion?
1:44:45 – Can I move the slide function, carousel with title over from GrooveKart to GroovePages? 
1:45:30 – How can I do fast track membership for a client who want to put their video training courses online?
1:46:40 – Why can’t I use an email form like a GrooveMail form to create an affiliate?
1:48:15 – Can I embed GrooveVideos into GroovePages?
1:49:50 – How to fix issues with the Open Graph when posting a link from GrooveBlog on Facebook?
1:50:29 – Is there any limit on video storage for Platinum Members in GrooveVideo?
1:53:04 – How to fix issues with the missing cogwheel where I can add the HTML code in GroovePages?
1:54:12 – What are the best Favicon specs? 
1:56:59 – When do I get deeper integrations with the 3rd party partners?
1:58:13 – Are you planning to add new headline designs in GrooveKart?
2:00:55 – Is there a site for a viewing community on GroovePages to get ideas?
2:04:36 – OUTRO
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