Groove LemonAid #22 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO

4:18 - How to fix issues with blocks and elements not showing on mobile view?

7:25 - Few Updates in GrooveMember

13:08 - Few Updates in GroovePages and GrooveSell 

17:29 - Few Updates in GrooveKart 

20:38 - Is there a way to hide the reviews date in GrooveKart?

22:01 - What are OG URL and OG types and how do I use these? 

26:13 - Is there an estimated maturity date for GroovePages when only small changes will be left?

28:03 - Is there a setting that allows me to use a different email address for when a sale is made?

29:33 - Do I need to update anything once a customer purchases for it to be fulfilled by Slingly?

32:32 - How can I send subscriber credentials and welcome emails with my own brand and not GrooveMembers?

34:30 - Is there a way to set-up where a customer can self-cancel and change CCs on the purchase of my products?

37:04 - Will Groove offer integrations for Ecommerce, specifically private label goods not involved with AliExpress? 

39:05 - How to get Alt attribute images and description in GroovePages? 

40:00 - What is the difference between a portal and membership in GrooveMember?

42:35 - What would be the best OG type to write in a blog if I have a short blog post with an embedded YouTube video in it?

42:45 - Do i have to use integrations for simple contact forms?

48:33 - When would i use a subdomain in GroovePages?

55:20 - Is it possible to change the Favicon on GroovePages?

57:53 - When will you review sites again and what are you using Groove for? 

1:00:06 - Is there a way to trigger the email from GrooveVideo after watching it for a specified time?

1:04:40 - Will there ever be a customer portal like a CRM where a client can see certain tasks on a project they are working on with?

1:12:55 - Can you explain the structure of the GroovePages builder?

1:16:34 - How to duplicate a website in GroovePages?

1:18:25 - Are there any new tutorials on how to design pages on different devices? 

1:19:48 - Is there somewhere I can see examples of stores? 

1:21:53 - Are there any issues with the Groove log-in?

1:24:26 - Can I share my log-in on other computers with my employees?

1:26:00 - Is there a way to change the size of the countdown timers? 

1:31:54 - Can I copy another funnel layout from anywhere on the web? 

1:33:22 - Is there a password protection option for GroovePages?

1:33:54 - How do I change the logo from an existing site to a different one?

1:36:52 - Is there any new training on using the funnel tabs under the website below pages?

1:38:41 - Is it wise to include the final ClickBank product to a Butterfly Marketing funnel?

1:40:10 - Do I need VPS to host my landing pages to have fast loading?

1:41:37 - How to add a link grab option in the pages menu in GroovePages?

1:42:50 - Can I use the GrooveKart button in GroovePages if the GrooveKart store is disabled?

1:43:43 - Will setting-up an override on the free product work?

1:46:09 - How can I configure it so that each option in the navigation bar goes to a specific part of the page? 

1:52:27 - What is the difference between funnels and pages?

1:55:00 - How to begin a blog on Groove? 

1:56:51 - How do I make a button centered in GrooveMember since I don't see a layout? 

2:00:20 - When will the big UI changes to GrooveFunnels arrive?

2:01:43 - How to fix issues with the video embed in GrooveVideo?

2:04:40 - Will naming GroovePages blocks be available?

2:08:29 - GrooveWebinar Sneak Peek 

2:18:40 - OUTRO

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