Groove LemonAid #20 - A Q&A session with David Lemon

0:00 – INTRO
4:50 – What is the most uniform, surefire way to style links? 
11:23 – How can I easily maintain an extensive Q&A list within GroovePages?
15:16 – Is there a script I can run in between that gathers all necessary information for tracking?
20:44 – How to set-up a proper funnel where the customers can purchase digital products and have upsells?
24:43 – Will GrooveMail have tracking on which emails are sent, clicked, or opened?
25:00 – Do I just put the two sets in the Imperfect Action Challenge into one dashboard?
28:07 – Does one-click upsell option work with PayPal?
28:47 – How to apply a discount to an entire collection of products in GrooveKart?
34:56 – How to set-up pages for MLM products?
36:55 – Are there any updated videos on how to set-up memberships with coupon codes?
46:07 – Can I use a PayPal embed button instead of a GrooveKart embed for selling my paintings?
48:01 – Will you create an updated GrooveKart or GrooveSell building demonstration with the new updates?
48:23 – Are there solutions for the payment gateway issues with GrooveFunnels?
50:15 – How to fix issues with the logo size in GrooveBlog? 
57:58 – How to best handle a client’s website on Groove?
1:02:41 – How to fix issues with the membership bug in GrooveMember?
1:06:13 – Is it possible to modify the upsell Groove templates because the price has increased?
1:10:28 – When will GooglePay or any Indian payment gateway integrate with GrooveSell?
1:11:45 – How to make a menu on the top for a one page where I can click on the menu items to go to different areas of the page?
1:15:26 – Can I delete an existing payment gateway? 
1:16:35 – How to set-up an affiliate log-in in Groove and where do I set that up?
1:21:21 – Am I able to import my MailChimp email list to GrooveMail?
1:24:11 – For any new Groove member that I refer to, will they get the Funnel Masterclass?
1:25:22 – Is GrooveMember mobile responsive?
1:28:19 – How to create courses with videos using Groove?
1:29:20 – Where do I get free training on affiliate marketing? 
1:33:12 – What is the best way to deliver a free pdf after an opt-in sign-up?
1:39:34 – How to fix issues with the product images uploaded in GrooveKart? 
1:40:23 – Is there a problem with the website visit analytics? 
1:43:03 – Are there new templates coming to GroovePages?
1:46:44 – Can I give an automatically generated promo code to each buyer that expires after it is used a certain number of times?
1:48:32 – How do I make clients unable to purchase more than one product in GrooveKart?
1:49:23 – How to fix issues in deleting an element from a container or block in GroovePages?
1:57:14 – How to make the client update their credit card in a membership with monthly charges? 
2:01:00 – Can GrooveMail do multi-page forms and conditional forms?
2:02:29 – OUTRO
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