Groove LemonAid #19 - A Q&A session with David Lemon

0:00 – INTRO 
4 :10 – How to use GroovePages templates in the new update?
5:40 – Will the GroovePages updates address mobile responsiveness issues? 
9:00 – Is there a chance that previous functionalities will return? 
11:21 – How long before the mobile button bugs are fixed? 
12:50 – How long do businesses who sign-up for me have before they can ask for refunds?
15:52 – If I add someone as a partner in GrooveSell, how do they get paid?
17:42 – How do I center a carousel in GroovePages?
21:50 – Where do I do the Gmail automations in GroovePages?
23:33 – How to fix issues in setting-up products and funnels?
35:38 – What time is the Groove Jumpstart in Philippine time?
36:52 – Is there a way to use an ad feature in GrooveBlog? 
41:41 – How to add a custom domain to GrooveBlog?
46:32 – How does the custom domain email set-up in GrooveKart become active?
53:10 – How to start as an affiliate who wants to promote GrooveFunnels?
56:15 – Is there a way to add a border around the whole of the funnel page in one go?
59:57 – When will there be a library of funnel templates? 
1:04:18 – How to use Canva with GrooveFunnels?
1:05:33 – How to use the ads provided for selling GrooveFunnels? 
1:08:20 – Where in the affiliate program does the affiliate put all their information so they can be paid?
1:08:33 – Is it still suggested to use CloudFlare? Does my client have to join Groove on the free account to use the site I made?
1:12:06 – Can the affiliate of my products see their affiliates and their sales in the affiliate widget portal?
1:18:04 – Is there a work around to get at least the wireframe from GrooveFunnels with my funnels that is editable?
1:19:05 – How to fix issues with the page speed when loading for “expires headers”?
1:20:00 – How to show the main product in the front end section instead of the upsell/downsell section? 
1:20:54 – Do I have to do something different for Butterfly Marketing to Work with the new upgrades in the check-out builder in GrooveSell?
1:21:42 – Will the ability to point a domain going to be direct to Groove sites in the future?
1:22:21 – How do I automate email to the subscription element in GrooveKart?
1:23:40 – Do you have any thoughts on the work around to get leads from CTA element in GrooveVideo?
1:24:23 – Can I access the GrooveKart webmail from an app like Microsoft Outlook? 
1:25:44 – If I add the SSL option to my domain in NameCheap, do I still need to use CloudFlare? 
1:26:53 – Are there any other payment gateways available in Switzerland?
1:28:42 – Can I allow a JV Marketing Company to access my account to design all of my services and my clients?
1:32:59 – How do I clone a product in GrooveKart?
1:36:37 – How can I bring a template that is shared with me into an existing website I have on my account?
1:38:39 – How to use ad links for GrooveAds?
1:40:59 – Are you setting-up a log-in to Groove on you website?
1:41:11 – If I create a 2 tier affiliate program for a client, can I add a 3rd bump commission that goes to me for all sales?
1:41:46 – How to fix log-in lag issues with GrooveFunnels?
1:43:49 – Do you build a membership site in GrooveMember or do you build on GroovePages?
1:43:53 – Will I get more affiliate commission if I upgrade to a platinum account?
1:44:26 – Where can I find the Butterfly Marketing mini-course?
1:45:19 – Will there be other email autoresponder integrations in the future?
1:45:41 – How to embed a video from GrooveVideo to GrooveKart?
1:48:09 – Can I embed my Groove Webinar into a page?
1:49:00 – Which hosting services do you recommend?
1:49:19 – How do I have a guarantee that I will always have a copy of my site in case something happens?
1:50:36 – How do I bring in a funnel as a part of an existing site?
1:51:20 – How can I duplicate a product layout that I have created?
1:51:42 – Can I create a comparison table in GrooveBlog?
1:53:40 – Announcements 
2:00:00 – OUTRO

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