Groove LemonAid #18 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO

7:57 – Is there a way to create a vertical divider in a container?

12:06 – Can I share funnels to affiliates?

14:25 – What is GrooveVideo?

15:28 – How can I add a product to one of my landing pages in GroovePages? 

19:00 – How do I connect a button in the template so email goes somewhere in the free funnel online event template in GroovePages?

22:52 – How does Groove support niche and key phrase identification help with improved rankings for traffic to GroovePages and GrooveAffiliate?

27:04 – How do I do cash on delivery in GrooveKart? 

27:40 – How to get a background image to show on anything other than desktop in GroovePages?

31:27 – How to get the heading to be right?

32:59 – How do I publish my GrooveKart store? 

35:06 – How to fix images not loading in GrooveKart? 

38:19 – Is there an affiliate program under GrooveKart yet?

39:21 – Can I use GroovePages instead of GrooveKart to sell physical products?

40:16 – How to access the timestamp? 

41:11 – Why would the details entered into a form on a webpage not clear after submission? 

45:00 – How do the categories and sub-categories on the admin dashboard reflect on the front end?

46:36 – What are OG settings and where do I get tracking numbers? 

49:30 – Does Groove have a warehouse or a 3rd party company in the US?

50:46 – How to fix affiliate links that are going to a 404 error page when using a custom page from a converted checkout? 

51:26 – Is there a training on how to organize my pages and funnels?

59:06 – How do I rename my URL or connect my current Shopify store so it doesn’t say .groovekart? 

1:04:36 – Is GrooveAffiliate to promote Groove or other affiliate products? 

1:13:18 – How do you still have a code editor on GroovePages?

1:14:28 – Is it possible to add a Facebook pixel code in GroovePages landing pages? 

1:16:40 – How to set-up a checkout with a custom page and then add an affiliate link?

1:17:20 –After submitting an email, my lead page says “subscribing”, and how do I change that?

1:18:00 – How to fix my email after adding support in my page footer and URL? 

1:20:45 – How can I get blocks to stack correctly in GroovePages? 

1:23:13 – Will be able to add a GrooveVideo into my GroovePages? 

1:23:52 – Did you promote the Imperfect Action Challenge? 

1:29:19 – When will GrooveFunnels become an app like GrooveVideo?

1:27:30 – How do I set-up a contact us so that a form appears where they can put their names and email addresses? 

1:29:18 – Who can put products in the marketplace? 

1:32:00 – Is there a bug on the integration autoresponder in GrooveSell fulfillment?

1:32:46 – Can I put a physical product in the GrooveAffiliate marketplace and let everyone know what they can make by either providing leads or selling it? 

1:35:04 – When creating memberships, can the user now create a username and password? 

1:38:16 – How should I make changes to all devices at once in GroovePages? 

1:40:30 – How can I input a Clickfunnels page into Groove? 

1:41:20 – Can I use the promo video of Mike and John on my landing page to promote GrooveFunnels? 

1:41:47 – Will all Groove apps connect easily with each other 

1:42:48 – What is the best way to embed code from GrooveSell? 

1:44:40 – Will I be able to add a Groove Webinar to my GroovePages without having to embed? 

1:45:50 – How to fix issues with the OG graphic and title not showing up on the affiliate link?

1:47:35 – Can I create a WordPress blog with Groove? 

1:51:22 – Are there any plans for Chatbots in the future as part of Groove? 

1:53:00 – How do I use images and icons and they require attribution in GroovePages?

1:55:45 – What is the best way to set up and give access to two videos in GrooveMember for free? 

1:58:11 – OUTRO

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