Groove LemonAid #17 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO 

3:35 – Introduction on How to start with GrooveKart with the new Updates

12:51 – How to fix issues with the domain and DNS records set-up in GroovePages? 

15:00 – How to access my Help Desk and fix issues with the MX records? 

16:20 – How can I move the blocks and elements in different responsive devices and organize them?

17:19 – Will there be more print on demand partners coming to GrooveKart anytime soon? 

19:38 – Is there a known bug between GrooveFunnels and GetResponse? 

22:08 – How to fix issues when the page looks different from the builder and the live site?

23:21 – Is it possible to change the color of the button that says “Checkout” on the cart page?

25:12 – Is it possible to change the color of the “Write a Review” button? 

26:39 – How can I center the blocks and elements in the middle of the page?

29:42 – Feature Updates on GrooveBlog

35:56 – Do any Groove payment gateways work with merchants in South Africa? 

37:39 – What is the best way to put a document that the visitor can download on your page?

39:48 – Is it okay to point one of my main domain name to my new GrooveMember domain? 

40:36 – Is there a way to import a WordPress website into GroovePages?

41:23 – How to import blog posts from WordPress sites? 

42:01 – Is it possible to switch off the option to allow watching video in YouTube channels when I have posted a video in the membership area?

43:45 – How can I delete added payment gateways in GrooveSell?

45:13 – Is there a way to import pages from ClickFunnels?

45:56 – How to delete duplicated pages in GrooveMember? 

48:02 – Is there a way to offer the option to pay in installments in GrooveKart? 

48:46 – When can I start using GrooveMail?

51:11 – Is there a way to redirect the main domain only to a squeeze page and still get the normal use of the other links? 

53:04 – Do I have to have a subdomain or domain to use GrooveSell?

53:21 – How to add a lower-third text overlay and not have the text button be covered by the controls?

55:06 – Recent Feature Updates on GrooveVideo

1:01:10 – What are the display options in GroovePages?

1:03:00 – Where is the code option in the top menu in GroovePages?

1:05:55 – What is the problem if it says “GroovePay API key is missing”?

1:06:39 – How to insert sliders and a portfolio effect in GrooveKart?

1:07:54 – Can I change the default colors in GrooveVideo?

1:08:28 – How to add GIFs on a GrooveKart page?

1:09:09 – Are there any bugs on the hover option?

1:09:46 – Is there a recent video tutorial on Butterfly Marketing set-up with all the changes in Groove?

1:11:00 – Is there a way to overlay text on an image in the builder?

1:13:15 – Can I add videos in GrooveVideo and embed it in GrooveMember? 

1:13:33 – What will the new GroovePages app look like?

1:18:51 – Can I save colors?

1:19:44 – How to fix issues with the exit pop-up form? 

1:20:09 – How to set-up a timed join page? 

1:22:54 – How do I integrate Slingly into GrooveKart? 

1:24:00 – Is there a way to have one quarter size and one ¾ size within a box?

1:25:20 – What is the progress of GrooveWebinar?

1:26:21 – With the new page builder, can all the sizes be changed simultaneously?

1:26:37 – Will there be more fonts in Groove? 

1:27:30 – Where is the best video training on GrooveKart for SEO?

1:28:38 – Can I integrate Zapier to GrooveFunnels to collect lists/leads?

1:30:51 – Is there a way to move text in a container? 

1:33:06 – OUTRO

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