Groove LemonAid #15 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO

7:39 – Is it possible to add only custom subdomain in Groove and use the main domain for other hosts?

10:30 – Can I change the blog layer for a custom domain if I start building a blog with a subdomain?

11:28 – What is the best way to convert my blog to a video podcast?

15:35 – If someone under me is using their affiliate link, is it already tied to me or do I need to use my tier two link?

18:05 – How to fix issues with the freebie clicks in the membership?

19:21 – How does GrooveFunnels handle the refund process?

20:31 – How do I create a pop-up to collect emails and names?

23:40 – Is there a way to delete a member of my membership?

26:26 – Will I be able to edit CSS or styling for the GrooveMember builder soon?

27:54 – How to fix issues with setting-up blogs with GrooveBlog?

31:46 – How does GrooveFunnels handle the refund process with regards to GrooveSell?

33:44 – How to remove contacts who want to be removed? 

34:06 – Where is the option to underline words on a page in GroovePages? 

34:52 – When and where do I use an autoresponder in Groove?

41:03 – how does Elementorpro compare to GroovePages?

44:51 – How to upload a video to the Facebook group to ask for help?

45:58 – Will there be an affiliation system for GrooveKart?

47:05 – How does the option for GrooveSell influence my edited domain on GroovePages? 

49:16 – What does “BLOQUEAD STATUS” and a blocked lead classified with “SAFE” mean in GrooveMail?

51:12 – Is GrooveKart ready today? 

54:31 – How can I size the text in between sizes given? 

56:00 – What are the payment gateways allowed inside Groove?

59:11 – Are there any plans for recurring monthly subscriptions option in GrooveKart?

59:37 – Will GrooveMail show scaled lead engagement within a list?

1:00:12 – Is there a search option on GrooveKart?

1:01:30 – Do you have any recommendation to make GroovePages or GrooveFunnels more EU GDPR compliant?

1:04:40 – Where do I find the META code for GrooveFunnels?

1:05:38 – Is this Groove of Microsoft?

1:07:12 – How to restrict shipping to some countries?

1:08:40 – If I am selling anything on any Groove app, does the actual sale has to be done on GrooveSell? 

1:08:57 – How to fix issues with adding a CSS code on GrooveFunnels? 

1:12:14 – How do I use my saved template from a funnel as a page in the primary navigation?

1:12:58 – If partners create a membership site on a monthly subscription basis, is there a way for these payments to be split five ways?

1:18:28 – Can I create custom shipping zones?

1:19:23 – Do you know of another platform for logos?

1:20:21 – How do I use the CSS box to make my affiliate link show the address of my new domain?

1:23:59 – Where can I buy or get for free quality images and videos for running campaign ads?

1:24:48 – Are there known bugs with the GrooveBlog publishing?

1:25:11 – If I’m redirecting my previous blog to GrooveBlog, does it mean that all future additions to the blog still has to be done on the original blog app?

1:27:30 – How to fix issues with sending my affiliate link so that they can see my referrer code?

1:30:56 – OUTRO

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