Groove LemonAid #14 - A Q&A session with David Lemon

0:00 – INTRO 
3:21 – What is the difference between sales bump and upsell? 
5:32 – Is it possible to sell three products in GrooveKart as bumps or upsells? 
11:19 – What are “Buy Button Embed Codes” and “Checkout Embed Codes”? 
19:37 – How are the 404 sites going in when importing a page?
20:23 – How do I connect GrooveBlog to an existing domain that’s connected to GroovePages?
21:53 – How do I make a text link on my page open an email client? 
23:44 – Can I make an area larger so that if the user clicks outside the text area they are still able to go where I want them to go? 
25:34 – How to connect my products to my page after the new upgrade? 
27:29 – How to create a form that captures basic information? 
31:07 – How do I add a subdomain so I could attach a blog using the new blog functionality?
31:45 – How do I configure the access levels to give access to upsells in GrooveMember?
32:27 – How to get the one-click upsell to work? 
33:18 – Is there a way to clear out test transactions from my dashboard reporting? 
34:31 – How to add some text above the image with the help of an attached image element?
35:41 – How can I make a slider inside GroovePages? 
38:39 – Do you have multiple checkout options in GrooveSell?
41:14 – Can I place a search bar option in GroovePages?
42:46 – How to fix issues with setting up the proof set-up? 
43:37 – Is it best to create funnels or just regular pages in GroovePages ?
44:36 – What is the best way to split-test landing pages with the current feature-set of GroovePages?
48:00 – How to view the files in the Groove master class? 
48:41 – Do I have to use a CNAME when using a custom domain with GroovePages?
49:28 – How do I use the zip with pages and link for site importation?
51:18 – How to fix issues with an active custom domain that is not loading?
51:43 – How to set-up comments on GrooveBlog?
53:00 – How many variants can I add for a product? 
53:30 – Can I change the URL to be the same so I can delete the ones under pages that I moved to funnels?
54:47 – How can I use my local payment gateways using API integration?
55:36 – Do I set-up my domain to GrooveSell the same way as GroovePages?
58:37 – How can I reduce the space between two lines in GroovePages? 
1:04:36 – How to change the size of my logo in the navigation bar without it moving too far left that it covers part of the menu?
1:07:42 – Why is the Square payment gateway not available yet?
1:08:30 – How can I show an underline in the navigation bar menu under the page the user is on?
1:15:59 – How can I add my store from Wix onto Groove?
1:16:27 – When will all the tools work together?
1:17:33 – How to fix issues with the mobile view?
1:18:23 – Do I build a single landing page into GroovePages or GrooveFunnels? 
1:19:38 – Do you recommend using a Facebook pixel in each page of funnel or just the opt-in page?
1:22:45 – What form shall I use in order to collect details from people for my real estate site?
1:24:06 – Do you have some affiliation with Youzign?
1:28:08 – When setting up bump products in GrooveKart, can I have a discount automatically applied?
1:32:48 – Does the new Groove platinum get Funnel Master Class? 
1:33:08 – Are there new templates for GroovePages? 
1:33:42 – Can I have a website with many funnels? What is the hierarchy of funnels? 
1:36:33 – Can you give a list of software tools?
1:37:50 – Can I set-up an autoresponder like SendFox through Zapier? 
1:40:30 – OUTRO
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