Groove LemonAid #12 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO 

5:10 – What are the recommended best practices to follow for Groove?

20:24 – How to add affiliates to promote my products? 

21:03 – What else can I do to trigger add member into GrooveMember beside GrooveMail and GrooveSell?

23:18 – How do I start making money with GrooveFunnels in easy steps? 

27:28 – Can 3rd party email combine/integrate with GrooveMail?

31:14 – Will SSL be something that is automatically active when connecting a new domain?

32:26 – How can I add affiliates to promote my products for commission with GrooveKart?

35:16 – How to fix some features that freeze on the mobile view? 

36:54 – Is there a way to shrink the watermark on GrooveVideos? 

41:21 – Are all security issues with hosting a site directly on GroovePages resolved?

41:43 – What is the difference between portal and membership?

44:42 – Is there any option to switch 2-column blocks in GroovePages? 

47:57 – How to display a block on only the mobile setting?

49:03 – Do you know if GrooveWebinar has made any progress in development?

53:50 – How to fix issues with the Favicon on mobile?

55:28 – How to send the data from a website form to a private email when the client pushes the button? 

58:25 – When will double opt-in in GrooveMail be available?

59:11 – How to fix issues with uploading a background in different devices? 

1:01:58 – Is there one for Integromat instead of Zapier? 

1:02:40 – Is there any way to remove “Powered by GrooveKart” from the Facebook Ad call to action headline?

1:12:00 – How to fix issues with saving templates in GroovePages?

1:15:28 – Is Zapier working with GrooveSell forms?

1:18:19 – When I connect a domain to Groove, do I need to have a URL or can I remove it?

1:18:55 – How do I shrink an image when in mobile? 

1:19:12 – What is the optimum size for images used in the carousel in GroovePages?

1:20:45 – How to fix issues with the URL importer? 

1:22:09 – How to detect if a person has either chosen order bump for membership purpose?

1:26:42 – How to hide a block on the desktop view?

1:29:25 – Am I able to repurpose videos as a platinum Groove member?

1:31:09 – Do you have any swipe file for Cart Funnels?

1:34:37 – How to fix issues with my site when it shows “Groove 404”? 

1:36:18 – OUTRO

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