Groove LemonAid #8 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO

3:46 – Am I only permitted to promote my own product in GrooveSell?

7:40 – How to edit sizing and spacing globally?

11:40 – Why can’t I put custom codes in my coupons?

12:30 – Can funds be imported in GroovePages? 

17:04 – How do I edit the optimized format on GroovePages for all the versions (mobile and desktop) at the same time?

18:49 – How can I set-up the tags and segments so that MailChimp will recognize the different memberships? 

22:08 – How to fix issues with the source code option in GroovePages?

25:21 – How do I determine what size image to use on a page?

32:34 – Where can I find the schedule for the Q&As?

33:18 – How can I request Stripe payment gateway for GrooveKart?

34:34 – Can I embed the payment code on any website or blog that I won anywhere with GrooveSell?

36:43 – How can I edit on GroovePages with the same desktop version on mobile?

40:47 – How can I upload my own video from my File Explorer on GrooveVideo?

43:44 – Why do published pages in GrooveMember load so slowly compared to those from the GroovePages builder? 

45:46 – How can I add Chatbot in GroovePages? 

47:35 – Is the cloaking link planned to be able to add the pixels and UTM builder in it? 

49:30 – Is it possible to have automation flow in Groove?

50:08 – What is Custom Domain? 

51:10 – Is there a way to share my funnels/pages with my customer?

53:40 –When will the new templates for GrooveMember be available?

54:25 – How to fix issues with the single screen override mode?

54:51 – How to fix the save issues with GrooveMember?

55:52 – Is it possible if I use 3rd party email service with Zapier and set-up automation in GrooveMail? 

57:22 – How can I integrate Zapier to GrooveSell? 

1:04:46 – Will there be a place within GrooveMember to have community conversations? 

1:05:17 – Where can I find a comprehensive guide to create my full site on Groove?

1:06:55 – What is the difference between membership and a portal?

1:08:23 – Can you recommend a platform I can use until they fix my membership problems?

1:10:13 – When will I be able to translate the checkout page to other languages?

1:10:36 – Can I create a funnel for a customer and then if he decides to upgrade to lifetime, can I move this funnel to that new account?

1:11:56 – How do I edit headers and footers, and have the changes show up on all pages?

1:12:48 – Why is the video size in GrooveMember limited to 200mb?

1:15:17 – Where can I set-up a funnel for the GrooveAffiliate program? 

1:17:40 – Can I have more pay per call funnels in GroovePages?

1:18:52 – Can I still continue building my store on GrooveKart even if the free 30 days are over?

1:19:48 – what is the best way to allow access to a free GrooveMember membership thru a product funnel?

1:20:55 – What is a WebHook?

1:21:55 – How can I fix issues with hosting my domain directly with Groove?

1:25:28 – Is it safe to run a contest campaign on a Facebook page?

1:27:52 – Will there be more templates for GrooveBlog?

1:29:25 – Why is GrooveKart very slow compared to Shopify?

1:34:34 – How do I enable members to change to higher level without manually doing it?

1:40:13 – Is the Groove app made up of 22 apps?

1:41:50 – What is a Premium Member? 

1:42:42 – When I bring a video over from YouTube to GrooveVideo, is it actually loaded to your servers?

1:44:01 – What merchant account can I use when setting-up a membership site?

1:46:10 – Will future implementation be included in the free lifetime membership?

1:47:23 – Is the GrooveFunnels Blog made with GrooveBlog?

1:47:54 – Will the YouTube ads show up in the embedded video in GrooveVideo? 

1:48:53 – Can I also upload my source file into GrooveVideo? 

1:49:27 – Can I use other fulfillment centers other than the ones available in GrooveKart? 

1:51:10 – Can I offer my members a commission when they sell my products?

1:52:14 – Are there any SEO friendly Groove templates? 

1:55:30 – Will I be able to transfer a WordPress website into GroovePages in the future? 

1:56:47 – How do I redirect to the Thank You page or Final Page after they submit the form? 

2:00:00 – OUTRO

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