Groove LemonAid #5 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO 

8:05 – Can you show how to create a form on GroovePages and integrate with GetResponse?

9:08 – How to upload custom fonts to GroovePages?

10:46 – Why does the drag handles move in the opposite direction of the mouse drag? 

14:49 – Will keyboard shortcut or hot key be added in the GroovePages editor? 

15:06 – Is there a members area that can be set-up to deliver our training through a log-in on Groove? 

18:12 – Does GroovePages provide a domain name and can we make dub-domains?

24:20 – Can you discuss the HTML edit option?

28:14 – Where can I unlock PDFs and edit it?

28:57 – Can I make websites as a business using GrooveFunnels? 

31:21 – Any update on when API will be available?

32:03 – Can I use my own sub-domains as the domain or do I have to connect to a root domain?

33:13 – What are the differences between hosting on Groove and with myself? 

34:52 – How can I fix issues with the image importer?

35:35 – How long is the life time subscription going to be available? 

35:54 – After publishing the page, how can I visit the pages in Google? 

37:25 – How to fix issues with the editing elements in GrooveFunnels? 

38:53 – How to upload your design products from Teescape to my GrooveKart store?

41:28 – Will the people I make websites for have all the unlimited access?

43:05 – Will pages built with previous templates update to the new style code automatically?

44:57 – How many Stripe accounts can I add to Groove? 

45:22 – How to fix issues with the mobile optimization? 

45:50 – Will Groove do any trainings on marketing?

47:21 – What is the best way to clone a complete page to be used again under a new domain?

48:40 – Why would I use a sub-domain?

50:28 – Do you know when the GrooveSell payment gateway will come? 

52:44 – Does GrooveKart have an affiliate system?

53:31 – What is Butterfly Marketing? 

55:07 – Do you recommend using sub-domains for SEO or just stick with the domain? 

56:21 – Can I host my domain with GrooveFunnels for my main webpage then create a subdomain with GrooveFunnels and hos the sub-domain on ClickFunnels?

58:02 – Does GrooveBlog have a video tutorial? 

59:36 – Can you explain the GrooveSell tracking option?

1:01:05 – Does GrooveKart link to Google SEO? 

1:01:57 – Can I sell physical products with GrooveSell? 

1:04:38 – Where are the GrooveMember tutorials?

1:04:55 – How do I fix “domains unavailable” issue when publishing update on GroovePages? 

1:05:57 – Can I create a membership link for individuals that purchased a physical or digital product through GrooveKart?

1:10:42 – Would it be easier to create the membership link for a purchased product through a funnel process?

1:11:40 – Do I need each GrooveKart to Google Analytics?

1:14:13 – What is the difference between the free and unlimited accounts?

1:19:01 – When is GrooveMail going to be fixed?

1:21:26 – Which payment gateways do you personally recommend?

1:22:42 – What is the best paid for traffic source you know of?

1:24:48 – How to promote my affiliate links in a Facebook group? 

1:26:26 – Does Groove have a way to track affiliates for your offers?

1:27:52 – OUTRO

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