Groove LemonAid #2 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO 

2:15 – Is there another way to deliver GrooveMembership details aside from the automated email?

3:37 – How can I start with Groove? 

6:35 – What is the best way to set-up an affiliate program for myself?

7:50 – How to fix the add integration functionality in GrooveMail?

9:46 – If a customer buys a course from and is granted access, do they automatically become an affiliate?

11:37 – Will I be able to sell my physical products through Groove and does Groove have any way to integrate with 3rd parties to distribute products?

15:14 – Is Sendgrid support coming to GrooveMail? 

21:07 – How can I upload a video from YouTube in GrooveVideo?

23:57 – When will the ClickFunnels import feature be available?

25:22 – How can I import website installation file in GrooveFunnels please?

27:54 – Can I sell PLR products on GrooveKart? 

30:48 – Where in GrooveSell do I set-up commission for free members and paid members to choose an option in Automation?

40:51 – How can I delete leads on GrooveMail? 

45:29 – Can I integrate Shopify on my GroovePages to use its features fo a local business that allows local delivery or pick-up?

49:15 – When will GrooveMail be live again?

50:21 – Where do I link the new tracking link in GrooveSell that I made?

51:34 – When will the GDPR integration be ready?

53:39 – How to make a dropdown button? 

55:49 – What do you suggest, a GrooveKart store or a GroovePage site with a cart attached? 

56:56 – When is the import list going to be available?

57:32 – How can I use an alternative autoresponder if I already set-up a form for an opt-in page in GrooveMail? 

1:00:08 – How to fix issues with the membership site?

1:04:31 – How to use proof properly? 

1:06:10 – How can I change the currency in the product setting page?

1:09:52 – How to fix issues with ActiveCampaign not integrating properly? 

1:13:26 – Can I use GrooveVideos externally by inspecting the page and extracting the URL?

1:14:00 – How to create a new sales funnels? 

1:15:55 – Have you created a video about tracking links?

1:16:30 – How to integrate with GrooveKart if I don’t have Zapier? 

1:18:29 – Is there a WebHooks feature for GroovePages? 

1:21:19 – How to fix issues with the add integration option in GrooveMail automation? 

1:22:30 – Can I use GrooveBlog to create a VideoBlog?

1:22:51 – When can I import emails in GrooveMail? 

1:26:03 – How to fix issues with the blank template under funnels?

1:28:02 – OUTRO

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