Groove LemonAid #1 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO

5:31 – How to add variation quantity in GrooveKart? 

7:57 – How to add an additional text input field on the product page especially for custom products? 

9:44 – How to hook everything together such as GrooveKart, GroovePages, and GrooveMembership? 

12:29 – How to get Google to work with the editor?

14:33 – How does the affiliate tracker work?

17:17 – Do I need to use CloudFlare for GrooveKart?

19:26 – Is email sequence CRM available?

22:17 – What is in progress with GrooveFunnels?

23:52 – How to fix issues with the MX records for my domain? 

25:47 – Will there be a course platform to load courses in the near future?

26:40 – What are the operation features of GrooveFunnels?

34:54 – Can we run AdSense on our blog site managed on Groove?

35:31 – Can GrooveMail handle cold email lists? And are quizzes available?

37:03 – How to move images and blocks around, and how to create affiliate links for my products?

41:15 – When are we going to have the membership site look good on a vertical view on a phone? 

42:02 – How do I change the visited link color?

43:52 – Is there a way to import my current blog in WordPress to GrooveBlog? 

47:07 – How to fix issues and inconsistencies with transferring my business to Groove?

54:47 – How can I use GrooveKart for local businesses that provides catering services or allows for pick-ups?

56:58 – How can I add custom code to GrooveKart to change the shipping language? 

58:33 – Can you quickly build out a cookie alert announcement that sticks on the main page? 

1:01:56 – Is there a setting to get the image to show on the dashboard where the GroovePages sites are?

1:03:35 – Is it best to set-up GrooveKart first and then GroovePages?

1:04:20 – Do I have to get a trademark or copyright to sell a product in GrooveKart and make it so that people can’t copy the design?

1:05:10 – How to fix issues with the payments gateways and GroovePay? 

1:08:10 – How to fix issues with the order bumps?

1:08:55 – Is it possible to put a certain number of posts from GrooveBlog to display on my GroovePages for a local business?

1:10:18 – When will the work be easily mobile friendly? 

1:15:14 – How to grant access to multiple different memberships at once after check to a customer? 

1:16:46 – Where is the form now for people to register to a membership site without having to use the Groove sites? 

1:21:10 – Is there an update on when ChatMatic and GrooveMail will be integrated?

1:22:53 – When will GrooveMail be located with the other 3rd party email providers? 

1:25:20 – Is there a way to delete the checkout in Samcart?

1:28:09 – Is it possible to make a funnel with pages that are already completed? 

1:30:32 – How do you turn the domain over to someone who submits an inquiry post purchase?

1:38:20 – How to fix issues with the update button in GrooveMember?

1:42:55 – Is GrooveMember available in the free version?

1:45:30 – What’s the best way to set up different shipping costs? 

1:48:08 – How to make the button clickable to call a phone number?

1:50:43 – Has Groove thought about connecting SendGrid so I can use my current emails? 

1:54:30 – How can clients book a calendar appointment through the software? 

1:56:30 – Is GrooveFunnels going to move away from this Lifetime access that’s been in beta for almost a year?

2:00:25 – How do you change the background transparency without affecting the top layers? 

2:02:10 – How to fix issues with the mobile design builder? 

2:08:54 – How to delete one of the columns in a 3-column container and align all into the center? 

2:11:20 – How to fix when the input field pop-up alert comes up?

2:14:24 – How do I add credit card/payment images next to my call to action button on GroovePages? 

2:18:08 – Do the newer changes affect the training you’ve given us?

2:23:05 – How to fix the upload button in GrooveMember?

2:30:15 – Will GrooveKart have a text field area on the product page to pick-up multiple product notes during the order?

2:37:36 – Am I able to connect more than one Print on Demand company to a GrooveKart store?

2:38:00 – How to link the Terms, Privacy, and Support page on the footer? 

2:42:15 – OUTRO

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