LemonAid #25 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO 

4:48 – When I get paid commissions, how do I get to know the names of the affiliates where the commission came from? 

7:54 – How is the progress of the deliverability in GrooveMail?

10:00 – How to fix the issues with GrooveMail?

17:27 – How to completely fill the landing page with images?

20:10 – How can I verify the sender on GrooveMail?

23:07 – Why does the subcategory duplicate when I make the first post?

26:22 – Can you review the hierarchy of the membership outline?

29:35 – Would ZenCast, RePurpose, Zamzarbe be integrated with GrooveFunnels?

32:44 – Is there a progress bar per category in GrooveMember?

34:23 – Can I add a specific domain URL to the GrooveKart subdomain once I created the website?

35:29 – Is there a way to test GrooveMail automations to ensure the emails get sent out when they buy a GrooveSell product? 

36:53 – Would I be able to review how the system works when there are containers within containers?

39:56 – Can I save pages or complete sites from My Sites screen as templates?

42:23 – How do I get the different blocks and containers to align as I drag each on top of the other? 

46:30 – How to fix when all my emails in GrooveMail are going to spam and junk?

49:53 – For GrooveMember, how can I prevent people from taking the register URL and sharing it with other people?

50:40 – What is the SLA between Groove and us? 

51:52 – What is the difference between GrooveSell and GroovePages in the affiliate program?

52:59 – How to fix the submenus that are not clickable on mobile?

54:08 – Is the multi-currency setting for GrooveSell launched yet? 

55:33 – Is it the best practice to use one page for order form and upsell offerings?

58:13 – Is the GrooveVideo on GrooveMember bug solved?

58:41 – Is there a feature to mass send welcome emails to members at a later date?

59:45 – Can GrooveMember be hosted using my own domain? 

1:01:02 – Is it possible to use a different payment gateway rather than the pre-built one?

1:01:45 – Can I have single log-in and password access for one of my GroovePages? 

1:03:23 – Does GrooveKart do any sort of inventory control or tracking? 

1:04:05 – Is there a drop down menu in the affiliate dashboard? 

1:05:44 – Is there a way to change the background color of the sub menu in GroovePages?

1:06:24 – Has the update on the several order confirmation pages been released?

1:07:13 – What is the easiest way to host a file like an eBook on Groove?

1:10:28 – Can I use GrooveFunnels videos on my GrooveAffiliate landing page?

1:10:54 – How to create the landing page and add a funnel there? 

1:12:46 – Can I place 3 images full screen in a block with 3 containers?

1:13:21 – Is there a way to put Facebook pixel on pages already? 

1:18:10 – Where is LemonAid Q&A Session #24? 

1:20:15 – Can I use the JV promo videos? 

1:24:23 - How do I become a GrooveFunnels affiliate?

1:29:54 – Is it possible to delete a Member registration and allow the person to register again with the same email?

1:31:31 – OUTRO

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