LemonAid #23 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO

3:08 – Will the live webinar function be similar to WebinarJam?

4:44 – Where can we download the lemon template used in the videos “How to make an Awesome About Us Page”? 

11:07 – Do you recommend building a couple of lead pages instead of optimizing only one page and split test it? 

13:31 – How to fix issues with turning on or off the footer without resetting the whole page?

14:42 – How can I know which leads correspond to which lists?

18:30 – Any advice on how to sell to a client ChatMatic with a sales page?

23:14 – If I have people already in a list with certain tags, if I build a new sequence that is triggered with people being part of the tag, does it send to all old people? 

26:00 – Is it possible to have different memberships in the same product funnel?

26:57 – How would I use a funnel to get leads for one of my businesses in direct sales?

33:00 – Can I use Groove YouTube channel videos on my sales funnel to educate the viewers?

35:10 – How can I see the leads of a specific lists if I have different lists?

40:00 – How can I get a percentage of each sell?

46:10 – Can I change the opt-in form color in GrooveMail?

51:28 – How can I repeat a GrooveMail sequence each week?

54:11 – How do you add users on the back end to help create pages? 

59:53 – How can I create a drop down menu for 50 states in the USA? 

1:00:23 – Are we going to get more code related tutorials?

1:01:54 – Will we see email message content templates soon? 

1:05:43 – Could I create a stream live with GrooveFunnels and connect them to membership?

1:06:35 – Is GrooveMember still very unstable?

1:08:33 – OUTRO

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