How to work with Categories, Subcategories and Navigation in GrooveKart™

0:00 – INTRO 
2:15 – Guided Training Start (Opening GrooveKart) 
3:27 – GrooveGear (Sample Categories and Subcategories) 
6:50 – Choosing and Adding Parent (Main) Categories 
10:24 – Meta-titles and Meta Description 
14:42 – Setting-up Friendly URLs
15:50 – Adding Subcategories 
26:44 – Setting-up the Main Navigation (GrooveKart Page Builder) 
32:15 – Adding a Category Page (“All” Category)
40:12 – Choosing the “Main Category” 
42:29 – How do you find high-ranking stores? 
43:49 – What if I don’t want the category to be displayed in the top menu but on a category image on the homepage? 
49:44 – OUTRO

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