LemonAid #21 - A Q&A session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO 

5:00 – When will we get GrooveWebinar?

6:05 – How to set-up videos in a day to day basis with Groove? 

11:26 – Where do I connect my pop-up page that is linked to my lead-affiliate page? 

14:55 – How to fix my pages when they have gone blank? 

16:00 – Is offline payment processing available in GrooveKart? 

18:12 – How do I make three columns of different widths with GroovePages?

21:31 – How to manage a long name or URL?

23:58 – How to fix when the comment section in GrooveMember is not loading? 

30:09 – Where can I find dropshipping products in GrooveFunnels?

32:56 – Is there a free plan for GrooveMail? 

33:48 – How to market/host my digital course with GrooveFunnels properly?

37:00 – Can I add affiliates in the free account?

37:28 – When do you think GrooveKart and GroovePages be merged?

38:24 – When will GrooveKart have the capability to do backend orders?

39:01 – When will analytics be up for GrooveMail?

39:45 – How can I unsubscribe an email sender? 

41:09 – When will business address and unsubscribe option appear on send emails?

41:24 – How to fix delivery issues with Gmail? 

44:45 – When will GrooveMember be fully functional?

46:24 – Is GDPR ready?

46:32 – How can I delete the leads in any given list? 

48:09 – How to fix issues in creating an autoresponder?

48:54 – Can I stop downloading videos under GrooveMember? 

49:41 – Does GrooveFunnels allow Facebook pixels on each funnel?

51:52 – If I allow my affiliates to promote my landing page, would the sales recorded under the affiliate count? 

54:50 – Can I show the pictures of premium templates?

58:20 – Can you briefly show how to use EasyCSS on the builder? 

1:03:20 – Can you please test the automation section in GrooveMail?

1:04:07 – How can AliExpress know that there is an order coming from my store? 

1:05:30 – Any tricks to embed custom code in a GrooveMember page?

1:05:45 – How to fix issues in receiving emails with GrooveMail? 

1:06:45 – Will GrooveMember support file hosting to auto-deliver downloads in a secure way?

1:08:37 – How to fix issues with the preview mode in GroovePages?

1:10:31 – Is there a monthly fee for GroovePay?

1:11:30 – Can you explain the category and sub-category set-up in GrooveMember?

1:18:00 – Is there a way to dismiss a pop-up in GroovePages after an opt-in form has been submitted?

1:18:28 – Is flipping GrooveKart stores in the pipeline possible?

1:21:20 – Do you have a time scale of when GrooveAffiliate will integrate with GrooveKart? 

1:22:23 – Is there a way to use GrooveQuiz to redirect people to affiliate offer links? 

1:26:12 – How to put an alert bar above the navigation bar in GrooveKart?

1:27:52 – Any new feature updates coming to GrooveKart? 

1:29:24 – Does GrooveFunnels have the equivalent of Kajabi?

1:30:37 – Can I customize my footer link layout in GrooveKart? 

1:32:35 – Do you know how to download a data feed for GrooveKart?

1:36:29 – Is there any time estimate for CSV import?

1:38:56 – Are cookies already set-up automatically on GroovePages?

1:39:59 – Can I create separate log-in credentials for clients? 

1:41:55 – Is there any way to employ EasyCSS tool with pop-ups in GroovePages? 

1:43:49 – How do I change my home index page? 

1:46:33 – Does GrooveKart have a tracking app?

1:47:14 – What does hard reload do?

1:48:06 – Is one GrooveMail usable for an organization that has a different email address for each position?

1:49:20 – When can I customize my welcome email in GrooveMail?

1:49:40 – Is GrooveAffiliate only for selling Groove products?

1:50:59 – Is there a way I can send to another GroovePages user the ten pages I created for them? 

1:53:39 – When creating an order bump, it will not show up when you switch to PayPal, is this a bug?

1:54:06 – Is there any way to tie a product sold to access in GrooveMember?

1:55:28 – Is animation of button possible when using the AWeber opt-in form?

1:58:47 – How to split test pages?

2:00:13 – OUTRO

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