How to get your GrooveFunnels affiliate link opened on a branded domain


0:00 – INTRO 

3:35 – Why should you use a branded domain when promoting affiliate products? 

4:25 - #1: It is easier to remember.

5:24 - #2: It is more professional. 

6:36 - #3: It won’t be blocked by ads networks 

7:35 - #4: It increases curiosity.

8:40 – How to get your GrooveFunnels Affiliate Link 

14:20 – Method 1: Simple Domain Forwarding 

22:09 – Method 2: Page Redirect 

35:00 – Simple way to promote your Link 

35:32 – Videos 

44:58 – In Written Form 

57:20 – Q&A Time 

1:00:34 – Is that hardline base on the unique email or is it domain wide? 

1:01:41 – Is the development team going to make it that the 2nd link will track the commission as well?

1:02:48 – Is the confusion about the dashboard link and the URL jumps to the same issue for the affiliate programs I set up? 

1:04:11 – When would you recommend a direct redirect to your affiliate link over using a bridge page? 

1:06:33 – Will I get paid if a visitor removes my link? 

1:08:10 – Are we okay using “groove” in our domain name? 

1:09:23 – Can I create a website with my domain and then create another site with my domain showing up as a page on that site? 

1:12:31 – Are banners for promotion in GrooveFunnels giving you errors in your account as well? 

1:14:02 – Is there a way to link GrooveMail to a form already built in a groove template without adding a pop-up?

1:14:54 – How to fix issues with embedding a WordPress page in GrooveMail?

1:15:25 – OUTRO

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