Quick Look into GrooveMail and What It Can Do


0:00 – INTRO 

5:06 – GrooveMail

7:14 – Making an Email List 

10:10 – Leads 

18:20 – Broadcasts 

23:54 – Creating and Sending the Email 

33:22 – Sequences 

47:38 – Custom Form Fields

52:30 – Opt-in Settings 

1:04:23 – How long will GrooveMail be in beta? 

1:09:28 – Q&A Time 

1:11:18 – Can I edit the sender email so that my business email would appear instead of my personal email?

1:11:55 – Where is the ability to import lists in GrooveMail? 

1:13:13 – Can I redirect to a URL after they’ve filled out my form? 

1:13:49 – Will it be possible to send a PDF based on a radio button selection? 

1:14:02 – Can I send SMS irrespective of my location? 

1:15:15 – Can I start a sequence from a list already created? 

1:16:54 – What is the difference between GrooveMail and any other email automation like GetResponse, MailChimp, etc.? 

1:18:36 – Can I include html or short codes in my emails? 

1:19:42 – Can I change required fields for leads?

1:20:45 – What are you considering as an automation? 

1:21:50 – Can I delete a list? 

1:23:01 – Can we import external contacts?

1:23:10 – Can I assign a lead to multiple leads?

1:24:41 – Should I have a host email like Gmail or Outlook? 

1:24:54 – Is there a function to resend automatically if user did not open original email?

1:25:04 – Is there analytics like how many users opened, clicked link, etc.? 

1:26:55 – How many email addresses do we get with GrooveMail? 

1:28:14 – Are you using a third party sender for the emails? Will you allow integrations? 

1:31:40 – OUTRO

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