Connecting a Booking Calendar to your pages built using GroovePages


0:00 – INTRO 

4:00 – GrooveCalendar

5:13 – Calendly

5:53 – Acuity 

6:16 – 

9:33 – Templates with a Booking Calendar in GroovePages 

14:00 – How to Sign-up with Calendly and Integrate it with GroovePages 

23:36 – How to Sign-up with Acuity and Integrate it with GroovePages 

27:15 – How to Sign-up with and Integrate it with GroovePages 

34:15 – Creating Your Own Custom Booking Page

53:33 – Q&A Time 

54:20 – What are the features for Calendly free?

55:09 – What if I don’t want every template set-up in to show on my page, is there a way to do that? 

57:20 – Can I embed on a private page on my website instead of publishing elsewhere? 

1:00:20 – OUTRO

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