How to Create your First Email List using GroovePages


0:00 – INTRO 

7:05 – What is an email list? 

9:55 – Why do I need an email list? 

12:13 – What is the simplest way to get people to your email list? 

15:54 – Focused Lead Magnets 

22:51 – Creating a Lead Magnet 

40:43 – Making Mock-ups

47:34 – 3D Mock-ups 

51:18 – How to deliver the lead magnet? 

52:53 – Using a Landing Page 

53:55 – How many pages a lead magnet should be on an average? 

56:57 – Building the Landing Page

1:08:26 – Setting up MailChimp Integration

1:10:21 – Setting up the Form Fields 

1:24:00 – Creating an Automated Email List in MailChimp 

1:28:20 – Q&A Time 

1:30:33 – Do you know any more tools to create such mock-ups?

1:30:53 – Can you explain the difference between the various lay-out CSS options? 

1:31:55 – How can it earn money for free account? 

1:34:11 – How to connect to our domain address?

1:34:50 – Can I integrate a checkbox for GDPR?

1:37:49 – Can you drag that image so it was bigger? 

1:39:30 – Can I add links to Google Forms in GroovePages? How?

1:41:59 – Where is the template button? 

1:42:37 – Can I capture a few more fields besides name and email?

1:44:27 – Do you know any self-publishing software for a quick guide to share in my email?

1:44:49 – Can you show how to choose a hex code for an exact color? 

1:45:21 – Can I also add a membership field? 

1:45:31 – Can I make the container bigger? 

1:45:43 – How can I make the font sizes different among different devices?

1:47:34 – Will GrooveMail need any automation software to make it work? 

1:48:58 – OUTRO

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