Building a Simple Domain for Sale Page using GroovePages


0:00 – INTRO 

4:47 – Sample Site to Build 

7:14 – When you say to purchase a domain, are you saying you get it from NameCheap?

11:28 – How to start selling your domain? 

13:37 – Let’s Start Building 

17:16 – Adding and Sizing Blocks and Containers 

18:46 – Adding and Sizing Texts and Buttons 

20:49 – Styling Texts and Background 

31:22 – Styling the Buttons 

36:39 – Adding the Hover Effect 

38:15 – Adding and Designing Pop-ups 

44:17 – Configuring or Integrating the Form Field Pop-up 

45:26 – Checking and Editing the Site on Other Devices 

1:03:12 – Q&A Time 

1:03:27 – Can I add a template about domain sale? 

1:05:04 – Do you have some idea where we have to store the database for form data? 

1:05:38 – Is it possible to have different text on mobile that does not show on the other devices? 

1:07:16 – Can you explain Search Team SEO? 

1:08:18 – Can you repeat how to connect with Zapier? 

1:10:10 – How do I publish the page? 

1:12:24 – OUTRO

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