LemonAid #13 – A Q&A Session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO 

6:40 – How to fix issues on Aweber integration? 

11:48 – Is there a way to build quizzes in GrooveFunnels? 

12:42 – When will YouTube videos play in GrooveMember? 

14:04 – Is there any downside to use GroovePages as the home page? 

19:35 – How to do full screen for things using the full-width button? 

23:25 – Is there an overview for the lay-out tab, display, and z-index? 

25:40 – How do I center an image?

26:25 – How to fix issues when the hover features, formatting, and fonts change? 

27:26 – How are people making websites easily?

30:33 – When is the site importer likely to work with my WordPress and Kartra pages? 

32:56 – Is there a way for a client can access his website made in GroovePages? 

34:30 – How to fix issues when the graphics and visual components are missing in GroovePages?

35:48 – How to fix alignment when looking at other devices in GroovePages?

45:12 – How to sync html contact form with autoresponder? 

46:26 – Where are the live demos?

47:16 – Where can I find information about the new pricing changes? 

47:58 – How to lock the tool box so it does not overlap on the workspace? 

49:26 – How long will it be before I have the features in GrooveMember and GrooveMail and can eliminate the other products? 

52:17 – Am I able to make my own affiliate programs live through GrooveMember yet?

56:42 – Will I be able to upgrade my MailChimp to do an automation sequence in Groove? 

58:52 – How do I remove a Stripe account from GrooveSell? 59:15 – How to do a reset of my page to get the upgrade button off?

1:01:50 – Are the domains for GroovePages only .com or would .nl be possible? 

1:02:13 – Is CloudFlare a necessity for setting up a funnel? 

1:03:51 – How do I set up a customer access to a product I created in GrooveKart? 

1:05:45 – What is the best way for letting the Groove Team know what’s my wish list for future features? 

1:07:24 – How do I get the form fields to align side-by-side and not stacked on top of each other? 

1:11:36 – When will GrooveMail, GrooveKart, and GrooveMember be available? 

1:17:01 – Is it possible to import a GroovePage in an existing WordPress site? 

1:17:23 – Can I sell digital products in GrooveKart? 

1:19:19 – How to fix issues with alignment and text when editing on different devices? 

1:22:32 – Is it possible that the layout of my site has changed since the update with the red lines?

1:23:33 – Does GrooveMember or GrooveVideo allow for PDF attachments?

1:24:00 – Is it possible to edit the ‘tab index’ value of form fields? 

1:25:21 – The ‘move button’ only move elements in between containers

1:29:05 – When will GrooveMail come? Will it integrate with GSU? 

1:29:22 – What is a good practice to add a privacy policy page for FB ads requirement?

1:31:23 – Is there a way to do A/B testing in GroovePages? 

1:32:48 – Should I work from the left to right of the devices? 

1:34:41 – When will other currencies be added in GrooveSell? 

1:36:10 – How to have an IP address after messing up in CloudFlare? 

1:41:37 – For exploring GrooveKart, do I have to use the same user and password I use for GrooveFunnels?

1:43:34 – What does it mean to get rid of platforms?

1:44:20 – Is there a way to name the blocks? 

1:47:18 – Is there a way to safely delete extra containers/elements?

1:48:19 – Is there any place that shows the full domain and path for a page? 

1:52:42 – Can I do drop downs and check boxes options with forms? 

1:53:31 – Can I paste text into a list container with a paragraph element? 

1:57:47 – How to fix issues with the payment gateways in GrooveKart?

2:01:08 – Do lifetime GrooveKart members get unlimited number of stores?

2:01:36- When using the heading text, is there a feature where I can click on the text and know what I used?

2:06:00 – When does the new lifetime offer expire?

2:08:38 – Is there a way to customize the GrooveFunnels 404 redirect? 

2:09:25 – Does GrooveKart and GrooveSell take a commission on any payment we receive on a sale? 

2:17:38 – Is GSuite the best email service suited for Groove? 

2:18:51 – Can I use the list container with sequential numbers? 

2:21:30 – How to create a clickable phone number as call to action? 

2:25:46 – What is the best way to sell digital products on GrooveDigital? 

2:26:13 – When I publish the new site, will it overwrite the site that is live?

2:26:41 – Is there a way to add a bullet text? 

2:27:38 – How much does page speed really matter?

2:29:12 – Does Groove enable free hosting for unlimited pages and blogs? 

2:29:31 – How can I connect WordPresss to GrooveSell? 

2:31:49 – OUTRO

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