Creating a Funnel using GroovePages, GrooveSell, and GrooveMember


0:00 – INTRO 

5:30 – How do I confirm I have platinum? 

8:05 – Sample Page to Build 

9:01 – Purchasing New Templates 

12:32 – Creating Memberships in GrooveMember 

16:58 – Building the Pages in GroovePages (Main Page, Sales Pages and Thank You Pages) 

22:22 – Setting up Products in GrooveSell 

43:55 – Setting up the Check-out Page and connecting it to the OTO Page 

52:27 – Checking If It Works 

58:40 – Creating Your Membership Site in GrooveMember 

1:09:45 – Setting-up the Different Access Levels 

1:15:55 – Testing the Membership Site 

1:22:47 – Q&A Time 

1:23:21 – How did you create the drop shadow around the GrooveSell embed? 

1:24:38 – Does GroovePages not generate canonical? 

1:26:59 – Can I create a front end offer that is free? 

1:27:06 – What is the difference between GrooveSell and GrooveKart? 

1:28:10 – How do I protect the link in GrooveMember? 

1:29:59 – How do I reduce the font with the price label in the checkout embed? 

1:30:58 – How know which Thank You page to set-up? 

1:32:10 – How to change the name of a subdomain without getting an error? 

1:32:44 – Will there be a portal/area where members can access more than one of their purchased memberships? 

1:33:07 – where do you determine who gets access to each aspect of the membership? 

1:33:21 – Will there be a direct upload to hold our products so the customers/members can directly download from the members area? 

1:33:32 – How do I connect my Aweber autoresponder to my GroovePages site? 

1:37:09 – Is it possible to process the first product only and process the upsell the second time? 

1:37:41 – If I wanted to have a picture on my main page to act like it is coming in towards you, how can that be accomplished? 

1:38:34 – Will you please explain what you anticipate GrooveBlog will do? 

1:39:32 – Can I customize with my logo? What does it look like when I don’t have access to a category? 

1:40:15 – Will GrooveSell support currencies other than USD? 

1:42:09 – Will there be a scaled down version of GrooveMember for free?

1:44:29 – How would GrooveMember work with 100 different courses? 

1:45:51 – How much for the extra 25,000 email contacts in GrooveMail? 

1:46:21 – When embedding a video, does it have to be a YouTube video or can I embed just a regular video file?

1:47:38 – Can I add a team member to give them full access to GrooveFunnels? 

1:48:44 – How to fix issues in the one-click upsell if it is embedded? 

1:49:34 – Are you going to have community features in GrooveMember? 

1:50:10 – What are the primary differences in the uses between GrooveSell and GrooveKart? 

1:51:51 – Is there a limit on the size/length of individual videos and the total amount we can store in GrooveVideo? 

1:53:49 – OUTRO

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