Creating a Multi-page Website using GroovePages


0:00 – INTRO 

7:31 – Website vs Funnel vs Landing Page 

8:00 – Website 

10:24 – Landing Page 

11:54 – Sales Funnel 

13:59 – Websites can be One Page or Multi-Page 

15:29 – Sample of a One Page Website 

17:21 – Sample of a Multi-Page Website 

27:28 - #1: How to Create your Pages (Home, About Us, Contact, Pricing) 

40:13 - #2: How to Name All our Pages 

45:37 - #3: How to Link then Together in the Navigation Menu and Footer 

49:36 - #4: How to Include the Same Header and Footer on All Pages 

56:13 - #5: How to Hide Pages and How to Add Links to the Menu 

1:04:10 - #6: How to Create a Dropdown Menu in the Navigation Bar 

1:08:18 - #7: How to Manage the Info Search Engines will show in the Results 

1:21:36 - #8: How to Publish your Site and How to See your Hidden Pages 

1:27:46 – Q&A Time 

1:27:59 – What tips would you give to those whose businesses currently ranked on page one of Google who are apprehensive about making the switch to Groove for fear of losing their rank? 

1:30:43 – Why would I want to hide a page? 

1:32:36 – How can I manage customers’ accounts for websites built with GroovePages or GrooveMember? 

1:34:42 – How to set-up my site using my own hosting and SSL certificate without using CloudFlare? 

1:36:15 – Is it a good idea to always tick or select the ‘carryover URL parameters’ in order to get link juice to other pages on our site? 

1:37:42 – If I have a .css file in the hidden folder and give it a name, can I go into the Home page showing the html code and just add the file name in the link tag? 

1:39:08 – How to fix issues in ordering the elements in the dropdown menu? 

1:41:46 – How do I resize the height of a container? 

1:44:16 – How are you able to set up to Groove but still create a on WordPress?

1:45:05 – Is there a way to keep the default social media icons in the navigation from changing to question mark icons when I configure my social media links? 

1:46:05 – Can I set my navigation with a color and make it sticky but as I scroll down, the background turns transparent? 

1:48:53 – What happens if I have the same header and footer saved as favorites? 

1:49:58 – What is the importance of not having spaces and special characters in url name? 

1:52:32 – What is the difference between designed blocks and wireframes? 

1:55:58 – How to create global elements in GroovePages? 

1:53:30 – When developing pages, how to make it look good on all devices? 

1:53:56 – If I built a WordPress site, can I move it over on to Groove? 

1:57:00 – How do I sign-up to be on Show and Tell? 

1:57:24 – How to fix issues with background color transparency? 

1:58:57 – Is it possible to take a pre-made template and add extra pages or navigations on it? 

1:59:47 – What does the container do? 

2:03:19 – How to fix issues with the AWeber integration? 

2:04:35 – What is the difference between a form-container and background? 

2:07:27 – When will we be allowed to store our uploaded files in Groove? 

2:11:14 – In what circumstances do I use the transparent function on top? 

2:12:14 – Do I use the same CloudFlare for other domains? 

2:12:31 – How do I put a block besides another button or block? 

2:13:58 – What is the best way to set up giving away membership for free? 

2:14:40 – OUTRO

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