How to Create Effective Thank You Pages using GroovePages


0:00 – INTRO 

6:38 – What is a Thank You page? 

13:17 – A Thank You page should at least include 

15:43 – Ideas to Increase Engagement and Conversions 

24:52 – Samples of Thank You Pages 

28:24 – Let’s Get Building 

29:17 – Basic Thank You Page 

39:30 – Complex Thank You Page 

48:30 – Thank You Page Matching a Template 

1:04:44 – Recreating the Voted Thank You Page with some Pre-made Blocks 

1:34:02 – Checking the Page Responsiveness on Different Devices 

1:41:46 – Q&A Time 

1:42:18 – How do I get the social share button to share a different sales page than the Thank You page? 

1:44:32 – Do I need to set-up an email responder separate from Groove for opt-in pages or should I wait? 

1:45:48 – How do I edit background images in templates? 

1:46:31 – Would a thank you video bring up “trustability” or is it overkill? 

1:47:29 – How to fix issues in changing the color of the background in the thank you page? 

1:48:54 – How do I get my registration button to do double-duty? 

1:50:44 – When adding space, how do I know when to choose block or container? 

1:52:05 – How do I prevent my content from going behind the screen or canvass? 

1:54:09 – From a design standpoint, why would the buttons differ? Psychologically, what is the purpose of uncolored versus colored buttons when providing options? 

1:56:32 – How do I get my homepage to not have an index URL? 

1:58:43 – When I add html code for a custom contact form, GroovePages doesn’t recognize it, how do I modify it in GroovePages? 

1:59:53 – Can you do mouse-over button color changes? 

2:00:26 – OUTRO

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