LemonAid #12 – A Q&A Session with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO

6:22 – How to connect Printful to GrooveKart?

8:21 – Will there be an Alibaba integration in GrooveKart similar to the one in AliExpress? 

10:36 – What are the locations where the products can be shipped? 

13:00 – Are there themes in GrooveKart? 

14:30 – Can I connect unlimited domains to GrooveFunnels if I’m on Premium Lifetime? 

14:43 – Can GrooveFunnels and Shopify use the same domain? 16:33 – When will GrooveBlog be released? Can I build a store on GrooveBlog?

17:54 – Where are the products on the layer print on demand app made? 

19:52 – What is the URL parameter on the dashboard when adding a URL to the button or element? 

24:40 – How do I disable a graphic from showing up in mobile? 

26:38 – What is the difference between the button tabs active hover and its focus? 

30:35 – Is it possible to divide the navigation bar into two parts? 

39:49 – Is there tracking on customer/buyer behavior once they go into my sales funnel? 

41:43 – Does Groove have any project management features that can integrate with other features in the Groove ecosystem?

43:35 – Is there a way to fire Webhook or trigger Zapier if the customer does unsubscribe? 

45:51 – Can I sell my account one day if I do not do anything with it? Is there a transfer fee if it is possible? 

49:58 – If I were on the free affiliate account and people sign-up, will I get 40% commission if I upgrade before 1st of September? 

50:53 – Is 1st of September an absolute deadline? 

51:49 – How can I attach my affiliate link to my domain name? 

56:37 – If I remember correctly, Groove will have a message bot or at least integrate with ManyChat but what about the text message bot? 

58:13 – Can I shorten my affiliate link in bit.ly and other services? 

1:00:28 – Will the chat box service offered by Groove also have a lifetime deal? 

1:01:36 – How to save my own template and use it on my second website? I’m on the free version. 

1:02:56 – In GrooveKart, is selling digital products with pdf stamping available? 

1:04:12 – How to get leads for network marketing business? 

1:06:19 – With the new features rolling out this month, would you please review what is available now with the free and pro versions? 

1:11:12 – Can you please tell us how to add a room booking system in GroovePages? 

1:13:49 – I want to integrate the Productdyno members area for my Groove landing page 

1:16:03 – How to fix when the hover and parallax features are not showing up after publishing the page? 

1:18:55 – How do I hyperlink a phone icon that if clicked, it initiates a phone call? 

1:24:24 – How do I access GrooveKart lite and is there a training to set it up? 

1:26:45 – How can I retain the dimensions of the photo in the template? 

1:32:06 – Can you go over margins and padding when switching from mobile to desktop? 

1:33:39 – Will you eventually categorize templates? 

1:34:18 – On mobile, how do I make it show a menu sandwich? 

1:34:50 – On GrooveSurvey, will I be able to create my survey forms to match brands? 

1:35:08 – Is there any idea of when we will be able to upload a sitemap.xml? 

1:38:51 – Will we be getting new fonts with the new GrooveKart? 

1:39:00 – How to fix problems with resizing on each of the devices? 

1:45:00 – How do we implement SEO? 

1:46:05 – How to get the hover image to blink without animation? 

1:47:24 – If I hide the H1 header, does it still show to the search robots? 

1:47:50 – How to make a pop-up with just a video and make it full screen width? 

1:49:30 – Can you embed any recorded webinar into Groove landing pages? 

1:50:33 – Is the carousel working yet? 

1:53:19 – Will I be able to create forms to match my brand? 

1:53:28 – If I need to talk to someone about billing, who do I contact? 

1:53:48 – Can I change my credit card details? 

1:55:49 – ETA for website import function in GroovePages, GrooveMail, and GrooveMember? 

1:56:44 – How would you recommend listing? 

1:59:25 – How to connect a page to Aweber? 

2:02:16 – How to make the navigation background from colored to transparent? 

2:03:16 – What is a good size on adding images? 

2:06:07 – Do I need to import each page or can I import the whole website? 

2:07:09 – Is there a brief video on how to put in an integration? 

2:07:33 – Can real estate be products to sell in GrooveKart or GrooveSell? 

2:08:15 – Is there a way to connect a contact form without needing external integration? 

2:08:40 – Are we able to include sales tax in the products sales? 

2:09:12 – What is the link to register our site on Google? 

2:09:38 – Can I put more than one pop-up in a page? 

2:11:22 – How do I integrate a one-click upsell product from GrooveSell to my Groove OTO page? 

2:12:07 – How do I connect my API Key of Printful to my GrooveKart? 

2:17:03 – OUTRO

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