GrooveKart 60 Day Challenge Week 3


0:00 – INTRO 

3:08 – News and Updates 

4:13 – Setting the Product Page

10:35 – Changing Colors on the Tiles and Texts 

22:21 – Adding and Changing Functions 

24:50 – Adding ‘Related Products’ Option 

26:38 – Adding Custom Titles 


34:57 – Has Printful put a hold on their printing? 

45:12 – Editing the Mock-ups

48:24 – Pricing 

54:27 – Adding Product Descriptions 

1:01:41 – Adding Other Products 

1:05:08 – Editing Pricing and Descriptions on Other Products 

1:15:47 – How to add the Upsells and Downsells 

1:30:31 – If I have my own SKU nomenclature or system, what would you recommend? 

1:31:13 – How do I take off ships from China in the shipping cart? 

1:32:46 – Do you recommend several stores targeted to various niches rather than one general store with cool designs? 

1:38:45 – How do I convert the pictures to the new Google SEO format? 

1:39:23 – How do I set-up the store email? Is there a set-up process if I want to use a custom email? 

1:41:19 – Will I still get one cart free for life with Platinum subscription? 

1:43:27 – OUTRO

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