How to Create a Custom Form inside GroovePages


0:00 – INTRO 

5:33 – Let’s Start Building

7:05 – Placing Blocks, Containers and other Elements

8:42 – Adding and Editing Form Container Settings

16:19 – Styling the Custom Form 

18:07 – Making a Two-column Lay-out on the Input Fields

30:50 – Making Forms for MailChimp 

37:41 – Styling the Forms for Different Devices 

39:22 – Why do you erase the code html? 

40:08 – Do I have to practically design a web page in the funnel? 

41:08 – How to do forms for opt-in pages? How to do lead generation and label verification for the integration? 

43:02 – Are there any character limitations on the text fields? 

45:15 – What is the POST option for the form integration? 

46:38 – Can I have drop downs and check boxes and multi-choice options for more detailed forms? 

48:35 – Are the configurations case sensitive or not? 

51:49 – What is the purpose of the Hover – Active – Focus buttons at status?

53:24 – How to fix problems with the get response integration? 

55:05 – What is the estimated time for GrooveMail to arrive? 

56:16 – Can I link the proof widget with my application form? If so, how?

1:00:00 – Is there an option for a slideshow? 

1:00:50 – Can I add my own fonts? 

1:01:17 – Does GrooveKart integrate with Shipstation? 

1:02:00 – How to fix error messages in the form? 

1:02:55 – Is Zapier integration working? 

1:04:49 – OUTRO

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