Building out an awesome Affiliate page using GroovePages

0:00 – INTRO 

8:15 – What is Affiliate Marketing? 

10:56 – How to get people to sign-up with your affiliate link? 

25:51 - #1 Affiliate’s Landing Page 


49:03 – Is there something in the options to enable a uniform lay-out? 

1:01:55 – Mini-course on Creating a Full Website with GroovePages 

1:08:41 – When the developers make any changes/updates, will it impact any pages that were built prior to the changes? 

1:20:55 – Can I use this with ClickBank affiliate link and how can I do it? 

1:33:37 – How can I adjust spacing using the 3 by 3 by 3 layout block to accommodate width changes from desktop to mobile? 

1:37:30 – Is the YouTube video you embedded in the page something I have access to? 

1:39:08 – Will the Life-time Deal disappear when they officially launch? 

1:41:29 – How do I duplicate the bottom links side-by-side? 

1:43:51 – Can I change the copyright at the bottom of the page if I use one1 of the templates? 

1:45:35 – BONUSES 

1:51:39 – RESOURCES 

1:53:08 – How many email subscribers can I have in GrooveMail before we pay the additional fee? 

1:54:27 – How do I add pixel tracking? 

1:55:23 - OUTRO

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