LemonAid #4 - Live Q&A with David Lemon

0:00 – INTRO 

7:58 – How to fix my site when it doesn’t change when published? 

15:13 – When you work in the incognito window, do you copy the site in the incognito window and do the work? 

17:50 – How do I write headlines and subheads above the opt-in form and place links to privacy policy below? 

25:38 – Can I connect subdomains only to GroovePages? 

27:06 – After I publish a page, can the editor put it down to edit it and put it back? 

30:41 – Can I add a button that allows a visitor to download a PDF file on my GroovePages site?

33:27 – How to add a banner in GroovePages? Is there an html code block? 

39:20 – How can I get to the same options on the block and text? How can I add a link to the coming soon page? 

41:38 – Is there a way I can create gate-steps with GroovePages? How can I add audio previews?

48:18 – How can I place two elements next to each other in a container? Is there a drag-and-drop update in the future?

52:22 – What do you mean by the “Funnel Feature”? 

53:42 – Where do I find what the customer ordered, the quantities and qualities in GrooveKart? 

55:59 – How can I publish my site on my own domain without using CloudFlare? 

1:06:51 – How long can I get access after creating an account in GrooveFunnels? 

1:08:04 – How to fix problems with the one-page website build? 

1:10:44 – Did the Life-time plan end at midnight last night? 

1:15:09 – Can I set-up one domain for both GroovePages and GrooveKart? 

1:16:45 – Is there a media library inside GroovePages where I can upload my items and use the URL to link to our various GroovePages? Is there any drip function for courses and emails? Can I use another email marketing system to integrate with GroovePages? 

1:21:18 – Where can I find more information about the Agency Features that are going to be released? Can I create unlimited funnels for my clients? 

1:23:50 – How do I link a Groove funnel inside a Groove page? 1:24:53 – Can I add team members to my Groove account? 

1:27:40 – Can the email autoresponder also collect phone numbers? 

1:30:35 – How to add a contact/subscribe form in GrooveKart? 

1:36:20 – How to activate the button with MailChimp integration?

1:37:15 – How does email work in GrooveKart?

1:38:37 – What does “unlimited websites” mean? 

1:40:29 – is there a way to make a button appear after a certain amount of time? 

1:41:35 – Is CloudFlare the only way to customize our domain/sub-domain? 

1:42:31 – How does GrooveAds work? 

1:44:40 – Am I supposed to set-up a GrooveFunnels subdomain until the full product is released out of beta?

1:45:41 – What is the tracking code in GrooveSell? How do I track using Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager? 

1:53:18 – So this seems like the same service pixelme.me is selling for Amazon fba sellers to track Facebook sales, correct? If I understand correctly. 

1:54:38 – is GroovePay free for sellers? Are there any hidden application fees? 

1:57:10 – Is the link that Groove gives me to promote compatible with Facebook compliance ads? 

2:01:02 – How do I customize an affiliate link? 

2:01:41 – Where can I find my affiliate link for the Groove Affiliate Program? 

2:03:59 – Which link do I use, the 1st or 2nd tier JV link? 

2:04:37 – OUTRO

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