Building out a Complete Opt-In Funnel using GroovePages

0:00 – INTRO 

8:39 – How to Build a Complete Opt-in Funnel using GroovePages 

8:45 – Making a Squeeze Page/ Bridge Funnel Variation #1 

14:03 – Is GrooveFunnels easier to understand and implement than ClickFunnels? 

14:19 – Is there a repository of David Lemon training videos? 

14:40 – Do you train how to integrate funnels with Facebook? 


18:08 – The Site to Make 


24:20 - Placing Blocks and Containers 

27:35 – Adding Texts

28:00 – Do I have to add another container to the form if I want to center the submit button? 

33:08 – What is the difference between H1 and H2 Headline? 

35:08 – Aligning Elements on the Page 

37:00 – How to add buttons in GroovePages?

38:13 – Adding and Sizing Images 

40:34 – Adding Backgrounds and Colors

44:00 – What is the best size to create the backgrounds to get an optimal image?

45:12 – Adding the Form

48:23 – Do I have to have the input label? If I delete that from active campaign integration will it mess anything up?

49:10 – Designing and Refining Details 

1:02:35 – Is it possible to build a deal and coupon website with GrooveFunnels? 

1:03:10 – How do you copy the color? 

1:06:40 – Configuring integrations 

1:08:20 – Can I integrate a link for customers to click and purchases and link to my Stripe account? 

1:10:00 – Making the Bridge Page

1:13:51 – What am I clicking on the FB page to find all the demo videos and are labeled well to know what they are discussing? 

1:21:49 – How to use custom CSS on elements? 

1:26:05 – Would you recommend going straight to a bridge sales page without the squeeze page? 


1:33:14 – Does the page option work in the redirect? 

1:37:06 – How many days does it take to receive access? 

1:47:59 – Call for More Questions 

1:48:51 – Why is there a H3, H4, and such?

1:49:30 – Do you know how long it takes for support to respond? 

1:51:13 – How do I change the size of an image?

1:52:24 – So on the form button, you can’t direct them somewhere like a ‘Thank You’ page or something else when they click on the submit button to give their info? 

1:53:15 - Does the pixels being different depending on the device it is viewed on affect the size of the image compared to the text or the page? 

1:54:44 – Can I just make two separate pages and create a link for each button to a different page? 

1:56:15 – If I build a funnel to purchase one product, can I have a button integrated that they click to purchase and it goes to my Stripe account? 

1:56:42 – Is there a way to save text styles globally? 

1:57:32 – Can you explain what it means when there is a red dot on top of the various layout options on the top of the page? 

1:59:01 – Are they considering making it where saved styles and saved blocks can be used universally on any website instead of just the one you are working on? 

1:59:35 – How do I link an element to another page on my website or another URL?

2:00:21 – Where are the affiliate links?

2:01:08 – Does the page option work in the redirect? 

2:01:34 – How do you make the image on the Squeeze Page to ‘break the row’? 

2:03:10 – Can I clone an entire website I created to use it over and over again?

2:05:57 – Can you write the URL of the build page? 

2:07:39 – When will the free offer end? 

2:10:39 – Do I need to optimize images and videos before I put in Groove or will Groove do it for me?

2:12:53 – Is it AMP compliant for Google? 

2:13:34 – Do I have to buy a bunch of website URLs like from Go Daddy? 

2:15:23 – Will there eventually be phone support?

2:16:58 – What is the phone number of support? 

2:17:43 – OUTRO

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