Full guide on getting your domain connected with GroovePages

0:00 – INTRO 

3:54 - OVERVIEW 


7:40 – Purchasing a Domain in NameCheap 

18:24 – Can I get domains in MyGrooveKartdomain.com? 

19:09 – Is there a domain with one-time payment? 

20:38 – Can I buy a domain anywhere and take it over to Groove? 

21:56 – What if I already have a domain in SquareSpace? 

23:55 – Do you recommend I buy my own domain? 

25:45 – Adding a Site/Domain in CloudFlare 

27:22 – Can I bring existing pages over to GrooveFunnels for hosting? 

33:37 – Can I only host static pages on GrooveFunnels? 

34:19 – What are the benefits of using CloudFlare? 

34:32 What is a CDN? 

39:05 – Setting-up the DNS Settings 

46:39 – Call for More Questions 

46:47 – Is it possible to track clicks on GroovePages? Is there a built-in tracker?

48:07 – Is SSL free? 

48:58 – If I managed to publish once, does that mean that I did the process correctly? 

51:33 – Can I use a subdomain in CloudFlare? 

57:33 – Is the process with CloudFlare the same with GoDaddy? 

58:19 – Does the free CloudFlare plan allow only one SSL certificate for your domain or is there a limit? 

59:37 – Will this work on AdWords set-up? 

1:01:03 – If I wanted to use this custom domain on GrooveKart, would that be different? 

1:03:35 – Can I use a GrooveKart domain for GroovePages as well? 

1:11:01 – OUTRO

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