Get more Affiliate signups using Bonuses in GrooveAffiliate

0:00 – INTRO 

5:34 – Affiliate Sign-ups in GrooveAffiliate 

7:27 – How GrooveAffiliate Works 

14:36 – Creating and Connecting Bonuses 

25:28 –How the Bonuses will be Delivered 

27:57 – When do you plan to have the GrooveFunnels in the German Language? 

28:42 – Is this to link a bonus from a third party or one from myself? 

31:22 – What to do when I don’t have bonuses in my account? 

33:15 – Where can I find the actual free material for bonuses online? 

34:41 – Creating Promotional Pages 

39:49 – Will the Free Sign-up with GrooveSell continue after the launch? 

40:49 – How to shorten affiliate links? 

41:50 – Where can I find other David Lemon tutorial videos? 

46:09 – How to link YouTube Videos into GroovePages? 

47:14 – Can I add my own links to the YouTube video before posting? 

48:32 – Are here any videos available we can add in our Facebook ad campaign? 

51:00 – Are there any other options or any other media sources available for running ad campaigns? 

52:40 – How can I build an email list without an autoresponder? 

54:09 – Can I use Google Analytics with the ready-made affiliate links to track my promotions? 

54:37 – How can I get my log-in details upon registration with GrooveFunnels? 

55:11 – How do I handle robots.txt and sitemap.xml files with GroovePages? 

55:27 – Do I need Terms of Service or Privacy Policy and other legal pages on an opt-in page on a GroovePages hosted subdomain? 

56:50 – Do I need Google Analytics or can GrooveFunnels do it with the integrated tools? 

57:48 – How do I add the Google Analytics code to the ready-made affiliate links? 

59:53 – Is there an email autoresponder in GrooveDigital products? 

1:00:46 – Is there a video showing integration of autoresponder if it is not able to connect via api connection? 

1:01:18 – OUTRO

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