LemonAid #3 - A Q&A session with David Lemon

0:00 – INTRO 

4:20 – Is there a tutorial for a web-page build? 

7:55 – How to connect an Opt-in page to the bridge page and then to a sales page? 

14:34 – Where do I go to see if anyone has signed up? 

14:55 - Can the DNS be the same name for pages and GrooveKart? 

24:57 – If I build a website on GrooveFunnels and it is hosted by GrooveFunnel, can I ask to have the DNS directed to my host account?

27:41 – How will I get paid as an affiliate and how long will I have to wait to get paid? 

31:23 – How do I make the image cover the whole page? 

32:09 – How to copy the format of any website to use it for our own? 

34:09 – How to make the image cover the background? 

36:44 – Is there a way to know what size the template image is so I can create an image that fits?

39:51 – How to access the integrations in the drop-down box? 

42:26 – What strategies are being used by bigger affiliate marketers to convert? 

45:16 – Does Groove do regular copy updates on all the sites we create? 

46:58 – How does the information move from filling out an Opt-in to email marketing platforms? How do I automate them getting the lead magnet PDF? 

49:20 – How can I create a landing page where people put their email address and automatically within seconds get an email to their mailbox to download a PDF ebook? 

50:11 – How do I change the height of a block? 

53:07 – Does SendinBlue integrate with GrooveFunnels like in Zapier? 

55:29 – Can I go from Affiliate to Vendor to Vendor Details? 

59:45 – How can I mask my domain to redirect? 

1:02:23 – How can I remove the plus/move button on the right edge of the text block to see what I’m typing? 

1:04:32 – How can I create a drop down sub menu from the menu navigation tabs in the header? How do I create pages for each of those sub menus? 

1:07:47 – How do I connect a domain to my affiliate link with a URL? 

1:08:44 - How can I get the links to work when in preview mode in GroovePages? 

1:10:40 – Is the redirect something I need to do? 

1:11:32 – I have 6 submenus that go to internal pages, does this mean I can’t have those sub categories or menus? 

1:13:10 – Is GrooveSell built on WordPress? 

1:18:00 – How can I transfer my other domain to GrooveFunnels? 

1:19:15 – If I purchased the life-time access, do I have to pay for future updates? 

1:20:37 – Is GrooveMail ready to use? 

1:22:32 – Where can I find the link for the GrooveFunnels Webinars? 

1:24:03 – Is e-commerce included in the life-time access and content creation? 

1:25:30 – OUTRO

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