LemonAid #2 - Live Q&A with David Lemon

i0:00 – INTRO 

5:00 – Q&A START 

6:19 – How can I get the button to work with my link in GroovePages?

10:52 – Is there an updated current list of expected dates that other features will become available? 

12:24 – Does GroovePages have the capability to replace Shopify? 

14:30 – Is there a reason why my site is missing the check-out form after adding the GrooveSell coding?

18:21 – Why do the links don’t work when I use the preview button?

20:13 – Why are the text not resizing on different devices? 

22:14 – What does the first box under URL mean?

22:41 – How to replace all my WordPress sites with GroovePages or GrooveKart? 

25:16 – Where can I find the GrooveKart challenge videos? 

27:49 – Are the designed templates from ClickFunnels already available in GrooveFunnels?

30:56 – How can I add/ integrate links in GroovePages making the funnel active?

34:02 – Will the GrooveVideo have the capability to search the exact point of a video by using a word search tool? 

35:41- How to activate a button with a URL link to open to a new window? 

38:12 – How long does it take to set a GrooveKart site? Can I hire someone to do it for me?

41:24 – Why use pixels for sizing and REM for padding and spacing options? 

44:26 – Can I create pages with an image carousel, parallax effects and slides?

49:46 – Will GroovePages replace Whispond eventually? 

51:38 – Does GrooveFunnels own the subdomains? 

53:48 – Is there a way to delete a test GroovePages subdomain? 

55:49 – When will ConvertKit integration be available? 

58:35 – If I have a website development agency, can I host all the sites on GroovePages for my clients? 

1:03:49 – Where can I find the step by step Affiliate funnel building webinar? 

1:05:57 – Can the website be exported to the client without the need of GroovePages? 

1:07:00 – Can I build sites for multiple clients and then add custom domains for each site?

1:07:50 – Can you copy the code of the website and put it on your customer’s site?

1:09:15 – Will GrooveMember eventually support a platform for hosting online courses? Will there be an option to have a membership site for courses? 

1:11:21 – Where can I go to learn GroovePages? 

1:14:35 – Is there a membership site for products?

1:15:19- Will GroovePages be free for life in this current promotion?

1:20:40 – What is considered a good minimum NET profit margin percent-wise for an E-commerce store? 

1:21:48 – Will I own all the content that I create in GrooveFunnels? 

1:24:10 – Can you show a few sites with the GroovePages/GrooveSell integration other than the LemonAid example? 

1:28:16 – Which is better for a product, GrooveSell or GrooveKart?

1:29:38 – Am I able to export my content from GroovePages?

1:31:18 – Do I have to recreate my ClickFunnels site from scratch in GroovePages? 

1:32:07 – Can the check-out page be customized into a Two-Step order form? 

1:34:34 – Can you demonstrate setting-up a cleaning company website? 

1:36:45 – Where is our affiliate link to give to people? 

1:38:50 – Will I be able to add 3D responsive designs when we can scrape other websites?

1:39:27 – Where can I check the affiliate stats once I’ve upgraded? 

1:43:09 – OUTRO

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