Basic SEO principles when using GroovePages

0:00 – INTRO 

5:50 – What is SEO? 

7:38 – On-site SEO (and Off-Site SEO) 

8:18 – What is a Keyword? 

12:12 – Non-Keyword Related On-site SEO Tips 

27:40 – Domain Name and Page Structure on GroovePages 

30:31 – Is page structure related to a sub-domain? 

37:24 – Meta Keywords 44:54 – Page URL 

48:28 – Mobile Friendliness 

53:30 – Keyword tools (Links in Description) 

58:58 – Webmaster Tools 

1:04:30 – Call for Questions 

1:05:03 – What to type instead of the homepage if you have an E-commerce site that does not have a page called homepage but a page called shop? 

1:06:32 – Can I hide pages from google search? 

1:08:52 – What about Keywords Everywhere chrome extension for help with keywords? 

1:09:24 – Where would I put the html code for a heat map? 

1:13:25 – What should be the best score for SEO? 

1:14:50 – Do I have to regenerate XML-sitemap every time I change the site content? 

1:18:21 - If I put a lot of keywords in the meta-description will it slow down the loading speed of the site? 

1:19:47 – What score should you have for SEO by search engines? 

1:22:10 – Is it better to use GroovePages domain or to buy a custom domain? 

1:23:13 – OUTRO

Here is the document with the links to everything shown in the video: ACCESS THE DOCUMENT

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