1st LemonAid - A live Q&A with David Lemon


0:00 – INTRO 

15:37 – How to create a Q&A style layout in GroovePages?

19:09 – Is there a way to set it up (the email) through Groove? Or do I need to do It outside of Groove like in Gsuite, etc?

22:17 – How do I create a store in GrooveKart in two languages?

25:21 – Will we be able to sell our made-up templates in GroovePages? 

25:16 – How to transition from Clickfunnels to GrooveFunnels without stopping selling?

28:03 - How to create a sticky header in GroovePages?

28:42 - How to adjust the width of the header in GroovePages?

31:31 - How to adjust the size of the logo in the header easily in GroovePages?

32:01 - How to add navigation menu in the header in GroovePages?

32:46 - How to add custom CSS in the button to enhance its design in GroovePages? 

33:43 - How do you center the logo into the center in GroovePages?

37:01 - How to adjust/resize the width of the columns in GroovePages? 

39:22 - As soon as I integrate with MailChimp the layout of the form is distorted beyond repair. Is this a bug or is it me?

42:54 - What does a second GrooveKart store cost? 

44:09 - If we sign-up for Platinum GrooveFunnels, etc., do we get access to GrooveKart too?

45:36 - Is there a way to build a page for a store that automatically update with new inventory for a back end spreadsheet that will add new inventory without having to manually log into the builder and put the new item?

47:30 - How can we recreate a website in GroovePages?

49:22 - What are the basics of building a funnel and a website in GroovePages?

50:22 - Can we link our Instagram account to our website in GroovePages?

51:42 - On Instagram, can I put a link to the funnel on a specific product?

53:59 - I made a one-time payment of 497 for GroovePages, can I avail a discount for the next 2 payments to get GrooveKart?

55:30 - Can I import a sales page built with bonuses with affiliate links elsewhere on GroovePages today? 

57:40 - Can I create an E-commerce page under GroovePages and not use GrooveKart? 

58:49 - Can I do SEO on GroovePages? 

1:05:26 - How can you create an upsell in GrooveFunnels?

1:07:10 - How do I change the size of pictures and move them over in GroovePages? 

1:13:29 - How to receive funds and processing order in GrooveFunnels?

1:16:50 - Do I get GroovePay for free if I am in Platinum Life?

1:19:36 - How would you add an Adsense space on a page in GroovePages?

1:20:41 - I have trouble upgrading to Platinum as my credit cards cannot be processed. Checked with my banks, no issue on their end. I am from Malaysia. How do I go about it?

1:21:47 - Is there an option to set a default navigation bar and footer, so we don’t have to add it over and over again?

1:23:25 - When I used the preview function, I saw that my videos and pictures were all misaligned. Do I also watch the picture sizing tutorial to help me center my videos and pictures?

1:24:15 - Where can you edit header and footer on all pages?

1:25:12 - I don’t see the PayPal option at the upgrade page. How do I get the PayPal option? Would this payment method track my referrer’s ID as well?

1:25:56 - Is there a way to put a phone number at the top right of a page in GroovePages? 

1:29:15 -Will you do a live-stream to show mobile optimization of a website? 

1:30:37 - To complete my website, how do I make my added button bigger and center it?

1:34:02 - How to add an Icon within Text in GroovePages?

1:34:45 - For custom CSS, where can I find the object ID and where can I put the CSS code?

1:35:51 - Is it possible to have Captcha attached to messages to prevent people sending spam messages?

1:35:17 - Are there built-in text animations or would I need to add custom CSS?

1:38:09 - Do you know when SendShark will be integrated?

 1:38:47 - Is it possible to re-create a funnel in GrooveFunnels that I created in Clickfunnels?


1:43:59 - Will the web pages created in GrooveFunnels be optimized on all types of browsers?

1:47:32 - Will it be possible to copy or add a WordPress site into GroovePages?

1:50:02 - How do we link an email to a contact form for a local pool service site built with GroovePages for example? 

1:50:57 - I have a WordPress site, can I host videos on GrooveVideo when it becomes available? 

1:51:48 - Can we make a submit form like on GroovePay.com in GroovePages? (Link: www.groovepay.com/apply)

1:53:10 - If we are going to be building out GroovePages for clients, what are the steps to get this done? 

1:57:52 - How often do you do the LemonAid live Q&As? 

1:57:57 - Do you know if there are any plans to link more payment partners? 

1:58:40 - Do you have any videos that demonstrate how to create funnels? 

2:03:38 - If I offer a product through GroovePages, can I take a payment in Euros through Stripe?

2:04:07 - How do I get the bar off my page when I have a paid account?

2:04:51 - OUTRO

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