How to publish using a Domain

What you do is create a FREE CLOUDFLARE ACCOUNT so you can have your site under an SSL (or https://)

Then Cloudflare gives you 2 free name-servers there like and

Then at Clouldflare you point your subdomain/root domain CNAME record to
Enable HTTPS in SSL/TLS section from overview to Full (see image below)

And go to the edge certificates section of SSL/TLS section and enable "Always Use HTTPS" (as indicated below

Then you simply login to the domain registrar account and find your domain and click manage and go do name servers.
Choose custom name servers.

Then Change it to the above 2 random name servers given to you by Cloudflare and you are all set.

You can find a more details on how to connect a Domain from GODADDY DOMAIN or NAMECHEAP. 
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