What is the difference between GrooveFunnels and Kartra?

Mike Filsaime was the Co-Founder of Kartra, WebinarJam, and EverWebinar. While in development Mike brought in a new partner. They have creative differences.

Mike took a buyout with a 2-year non-compete. Since then, Mike and his partners used crowdfunding to raise almost $2million to build this platform in 1 year what took 7 years before. Kartra Licences our OLD OUTDATED page builder technology. It is clucky to edit large pages and is not Mobile-First indexing. We have a more robust Sales and Affiliate Platform as well. We are more affordable and have a better development team and vision. Kartra is Good and will always be Mike Filsaime’s “First Child.” But getting to do it again, we were able to use new and 10x better frameworks. This platform is superior in every way. Period. We also will have an SDK to allow others to develop for it. The same reasons that made the iPhone, Android, Wordpress, Chrome, Firefox, and Shopify so great, will be the same as us.

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