Publishing using your own domain

GroovePages also allows users to publish sites using their own, custom domains. These are a domain you need to already own (you can purchase domains through companies like GoDaddy and NameCheap).

To publish a site using your own domain, in the publishing panel, check the checkbox labelled "Publish on your domain" and type your domain name into the domain field (with the placeholder text ""). It's possible to add multiple custom domains by clicking "+ Add another domain".

When typing in your domain name, you should omit the Http/https part. You can put either the main domain, i.e. "" or a subdomain, i.e. "" or "".

The final step of the process involves creating a DNS record and point this to "". The type of record you should create depends on which DNS provider you are using, it's typically a CNAME record (Cloudflare), and ALIAS record (DNSimple) or an ANAME record (DNS Made Easy and easyDNS). If you're not able to create any of these records in your DNS panel, please contact your DNS provider or domain registrar (company from which you've purchased your domain name) and ask them for instructions on how to point your domain to "".

WWW vs non-WWW

When it comes to handling "www" for your custom domain, it's important to first decide which version you want as your main domain; or We would advise using the non-www version as you main, or canonical, domain and set up a redirect for the www version of your domain.


To use the non-www version as your main domain, simply type the domain, without "www" into the custom domain field. Next, proceed with setting up the DNS record as explained earlier in this article. To make sure the www version loads as well, you should create an additional CNAME record (no matter what DNS provider you are using, this will always be a CNAME record). For this additional CNAME record, the name-value should be "www" and the target value should be the non-www version of your domain name (i.e. "", without "www").

Using custom domains with SSL (https)

Using the methods described above, will not enable SSL on your published site. At the time of this writing, the only way you will be able to have SSL for GroovePages sites published to custom domains is to make use of Cloudflare's services. To be able to use SSL, you will need to move your custom domain's DNS over to Cloudflare's system. In addition to enabling SSL for your domain, Cloudflare offers a host of additional benefits such as caching, CDN (Content Delivery Network) and attach prevention. And it's completely free!

Getting started with Cloudflare is super easy and they make migrating your DNS records over from your previous DNS provider very simple and straightforward. Go to and sign up for a free account. Next, watch the videos below:

  1. Add a domain to Cloudflare - watch
  2. Change your domains name servers to point to Cloudflare - watch

Once you have your DNS running through Cloudflare, simply follow the steps laid out earlier in this article and create a CNAME record pointing to "". Make sure this CNAME record is proxied by Cloudflare to enable SSL for your site.

If you are using Cloudflare and want to force your site to load over SSL (https instead of Http), please follow these instructions.

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