Publishing using a sub domain

This option is available to every GroovePages user and does not require you to own any domain names. For you to be able to publish your site to a sub domain, you will first need to choose your preferred sub domain. You can do this by clicking the button labeled "Choose GroovePages Subdomain":

This will bring up a modal window where you can choose your preferred sub domain. Please note if someone else is already using this sub domain, you will be able to use it you will need to choose a different sub domain.

After setting your preferred sub domain, you can how proceed to check the checkbox labeled "Host your site with us". The final step is choosing the name of the site. This name will be the final part of the URL on which your site will be published. For example, if you have choses "matt" as your sub domain and you have named your site "autoparts", your site will end up being published at Once you click the "Publish" button, within a few seconds you will get a confirmation notification in the bottom right corner of screen. Your site is now live and you can click the URL just about the site name field to open your site in a new browser tab.

Keep in mind that saving your site and publishing your site are two separate actions; saving your site does not automatically (re)publish it.

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