Publishing using a Free sub domain

This article will help you understand how to use the new publishing settings to publish your pages to a FREE GroovePages subdomain.

Publishing your pages, sites and funnels on a free GroovePages subdomain has never been easier. 

With one click on the publish button you can now see that the free GroovePages subdomain is available in case you would like to change it. 

You can just click the edit domains option. 

And then here you can see your GroovePages subdomain is listed. If you would like to change your GroovePages subdomain, you can click the change button and adding a one phrase or a one word usually works best. (Make sure there are no special characters so that they don't get in a way of you publishing your pages)

Once you set up everything correctly, you can just, uh, click the save button and then make sure you click the update. 

You will wait for a little box, which says details updated and then after that, you can just decide your free subdomain that you got. 

You can just add on a folder to it. It will look like this - the word or a phrase that you add on here. This is going to be called the folder. 

Once you decided your folder, you can click the publish button.

Once the page is published, you can just simply click on the little blue link and it will open up the page.

Once we refresh, we can see the actual page has come online. 

Now we have the sub domain, which in my case is  (coolio is the name of the folder) And then for /index is just shows that this is the homepage or the actual first page that shows up when the page is loaded. 

**You need to be careful and understand that once you change your GroovePages subdomain here in the GroovePages subdomain options, you can only have one subdomain connected to your Groove account. In, in case you change it, you will need to go back and republish each and every one of the GroovePages sites that you have in your account, where that is visible is that you come to the page your sites are shown and each and every one of those sites will need to be republished in order to incorporate new GroovePages subdomain that you set up in the domain settings.

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